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Mad Dog 2020 Casting launches Somebody

Wed 24th May 2023
Close-up of two faces overlaid with the text 'Somebody'

Over the last 23 years, Mad Dog 2020 Casting has been one of the leading providers in Supporting Artists for productions in London, Cardiff, Manchester, and Glasgow. The mission of our company is to provide the best in Background Casting and to allow creativity to flourish.  

Keeping up with the ever-changing needs of our industry, Mad Dog 2020 Casting has diversified its services to complement its well-established extras agency and we are now ready and excited to announce the launch of our new actors’ agency, Somebody.

With Mad Dog 2020's mission in mind, we are setting out to establish Somebody as an actor's agency focused on bringing together the best actors and commercial talent across the UK.  The actors we represent have a unique energy that leaves you thinking about them long after you've met them.  There's also a diverse and compelling pool of commercial talent, whose energy comes through on and off screen.

With the strength of a shared board between Mad Dog 2020 Casting and Somebody, this means that although Somebody was founded in 2021, they have experience and skills in the television and film industry dating back more than 40 years.  

"The launch of Somebody has been extremely exciting, working with exceptional talent both in terms of the actors we represent and the Casting Directors we work with. Somebody was founded to pioneer a new style of representation for actors. We see ourselves as a progressive agency that believe in giving agency to actors.  We do not see ourselves as sculptors or masters of careers but believe in working alongside our talent, to take their careers wherever they want to go.

Somebody's commercial department prides itself in working with Casting Directors to ensure we reflect accurate representation and actively break down barriers in the Commercial market. We have a fantastic pool of commercial artists, all of which have a unique range of skills, energy and experience, and are excited to continue to grow this even further."  

Jess Harding, Senior Agent – London