How can members support inclusivity?

PGGB’s DIAG would like to present this new source of online guidance for all film & HETV Productions seeking to improve equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) on their productions. 

DIAG has set out their ambition to improve practices within production by suggesting recognition of the support needed for EDI within production budget lines. 

To assist productions with this aim we have compiled the resources below. 

Read on to learn more and help the industry continue to form standard practices for greater inclusivity in production.

DIAG hiring practises toolkit

This video, focusing on hiring practices, was designed to inspire you and your own productions. Casting your net wider to find new talent is important, but how do you achieve this? And then, how do you support new talent to ensure they succeed? Listen to PGGB members share their own journeys and success stories.  If you have case studies you too would like to share, please get in touch. 


Open Source directory

The Open Source Directory’s intention is to enable recruiters and those seeking employment to better find each other, opening the door wider to much needed talent and centralising information. Alongside this, it aims to celebrate and encourage engagement with all the incredible initiatives currently available to film and television.

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Budget checklist

The DIAG Budget Checklist exists to help leverage the power of those who make decisions about budget lines, including Production Managers, to Producers, to Financiers. It provides key opportunities for production spend to support DEI goals and can be used to promote important discussions before any budget is finalised. A simple, practical document we can use to hold ourselves accountable to ensure we secure the resource needed to build the industry we all strive for.  

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I pledge to champion EDI on Production and take direct action to move EDI activity forward. 

Central to this is supporting appropriate training and resource to be allocated to production budgets. Within the scope of my role, I commit to raising and leading discussion about getting budget lines on ‘people related’ activity and call for appropriate EDI training and recruitment support as part of the early/initial stages of production. 

I will:

  1. 1. Discuss EDI budgeting and resource allocations with my HOD/Line Producer/Producer/HOP/Financier/Broadcaster/Platform as appropriate, as early as possible in prep 
  2. 2. Share the DIAG template for EDI/HR budgeting with my HOD/Line Producer/Producer/HOP/Financier/Broadcaster/Platform as appropriate
  3. 3. Share the DIAG Production Planner with my HOD/Line Producer/Producer/HOP/Financier/Broadcaster/Platform as appropriate, and implement what is appropriate within the scope of my role and scale of production
  4. 4. Discuss inclusive recruitment with HOD’s and share resources/tools/partners to increase talent pools for diversity e.g. blacklist 
  5. 5. Commit to widening my personal network with organisations and individuals that support inclusivity