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Patrick James Stephens

Courses taught:
How to Mark Up, Tag and Prep Scripts

1st Assistant Director 

Since 2001 Patrick has worked as a 1st AD on a diverse range of budgets for both film & tv productions and became a member of the Directors Guild of America (DGA) in 2022.

Beginning his career as a Floor Runner for London Weekend Television on ‘The Magician’
a contemporary thriller starring Clive Owen. Patrick worked his way up to 3rd Assistant Director & then as a 2nd AD primarily on television drama for the BBC, ITV and many independent production companies.

Last year Patrick finished filming on ‘Night in Paradise’, an adaptation of the German Graphic Novel directed by Matthias ‘Das Boot’ Glasner and shot on location in Brussels & earlier in the year, wrapped on ‘History of the Pleasure Seeker’, a period musical drama set in the 1900’s for ABC Signature. The pilot was directed by Julie Anne ‘Bridgerton’ Robinson shot on location in Amsterdam and the home counties.

Patrick has extensive experience filming outside the UK in countries including Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Balearic Islands & Sweden.