Tysers (formerly Integro Entertainment & Sport and ACJ) is a specialty insurance broker built for the new age of global risk management. We bring together some of the world’s most passionate, knowledgeable and skilled risk and specialty insurance professionals to manage the many issues facing our clients today. We have Tysers offices Worldwide, as well as partner broker networks covering the globe – the UK Media, Film & TV team is based in Colchester and London.

Tysers’ Media, Entertainment and Sport Practice is one team and is extremely experienced in helping clients with immediate response and support, wherever they are in the world. We work with many of the biggest names in the film and television, music and events, theatre and global sports industries.

We design insurance programmes that are responsive to the emerging and complex needs and requirements of producers, entertainers, promoters, venues, recording studios and national and international organisations and federations.

Our Entertainment team is made up of industry experts, some of whom have been serving the entertainment world for more than forty years. We cover all areas of the sector, including media. Film, television, music and events as well as more specific media sectors including freelancers, post-production, VFX, SFX, outside broadcast, facilities and hire companies.

We’ve access to a large number of insurers within the market as well as our own delegated authority scheme, underwritten by one of the world's largest insurance companies.

Some of the policies offered include:

• Production Package - Annual & Single Projects

• Annual Office & Development Packages (including recces, teasers and pilots)

• Errors & Omissions - Annual & One-Off

• Group Personal Accident & Business Travel / Film Union

• Short Period Motor (in conjunction with an Insured production)

• Terrorism and Political Risk

• Piracy Protection

We are also appointed brokers to a number of trade associations including UK Screen/Animation UK, Audio UK and Event & Visual Communication Association (EVCOM). The global reach we have with the other entertainment offices within our group allows us to provide unparalleled service levels when working both inside and outside of the UK.