For over 20 years, Fews have been providing marquees and bespoke structures and temporary buildings across the UK and Europe to support a myriad of projects. Fews have a reputation for innovative solutions and offering a bespoke turnkey service. Their continued investment in the latest technologies means they can offer structures suitable for every application.

Fews offer many marquee and temporary building options for the film and TV production sector depending on the specific application and context. 
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From basic cover, canteens, dressing rooms and storage, structures are available to cater for all applications and budgets.

Every project is different and Fews can provide the service required which can be a fully fitted out marquee structure with furniture, heating and lighting, or a simple shell.

In many cases, their marquee and temporary buildings can be installed and moved at very short notice to ensure a production can meet a tight schedule. Each structure is available to purchase or for long term hire and they are happy recommend the best solution depending on your requirement.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything:

Fews are committed to environmental sustainability, and it forms part of their long-term planning. Wherever possible they look for ways to adopt green working practices, including recycling goods consumed in the process of running the business.

They are part of the ALBERT scheme as a supplier, making every effort to provide a sustainable service to every production.

From the structures they build to office paper to print cartridges, they make every attempt to operate efficiently, minimise waste and ensure used products re-enter the process to be converted in secondary goods.

Fews look for certification to back up their claims. They have ISO14001 accreditation and a published environmental policy to guide their processes.


In the last couple of years, they have worked on Matilda, and project titles Marengo, Whirlwind, Embankment, Estuary, Everyone’s Enemy and Jambalaya.