Datasat Media is a specialist communications company providing wireless services to the film and TV industries. Working on location and within the studio we specialise connecting productions to the internet anywhere in the world, video streaming using our highly secure Global Video Assist (GVA), multi sim mobile phone hire, SKY HD+TV hire and much more.

Location Internet

The technology we deploy provides superfast broadband for Unit Base and Set whilst on location. We combine both 3G/4G and Satellite platforms in order to supply each production with faster internet connections along with failsafe options.

Video Streaming

Our system is designed to view live camera links (Video Assist) from anywhere in the world. As well as the live viewing capability, its unique VMS (video management software) allows each user the capacity to review footage, whenever it was recorded, by remotely accessing the server via the video search facility. With the ability to remotely pause a live video stream, rewind and search, the user can now access and review any material shot on set, over any duration. With its many levels of security only those with strict authorisation can gain access to the system allowing decisions to be made over live links. i.e. Director viewing 2nd Unit on a different location to Main Unit or a live link to the edit suite.

UK and International Mobile Phone Hire

Wherever the production is located we can provide mobile phones, or Sim coverage, in the UK, Europe and internationally. We also provide UK multi-Sim phones or Sims only that connect to the strongest network provider.


As an official Sky provider we can supply SKY HD into offices or trailers when on location.

Wireless CCTV

We can provide wireless CCTV solutions on location, with the ability to monitor, record and control cameras globally, keeping your Unit Base and Set secure