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CallTime Company Recruitment Ltd

CallTime Company supports Productions and HODs looking for Crew from 3rd ADs and Production Secretaries to  experienced PAs and New Entrants just starting out.  

CallTime help find exactly what productions are looking for to either complement your current Team or source a  whole new team for you!

We are not a faceless jobs board, managed by former Assistant Directors, Vicki Allen and Tamana Bleasdale who have a  thorough understanding of the requirements of the Industry. They work hard to support and train their Members so they  can be the best they can be, building on their experience and guiding them through the industry and throughout their  chosen career paths.  

They also manage CallTime Foundations CIC an entry level training scheme for support those in breaking into the UK Film  and HETV Drama Industry.

CallTime provides progressive training. The main focus of Foundations scheme is to provide a stepping stone into theIndustry for those from diverse backgrounds who don’t have a natural connection.  

CallTime Foundations gives New Entrants an insight into the skills required and lifestyle of a freelancer whilst  building their experience and working network.