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Fri 31st Aug 2018

New releases

Two new major television dramas debut this week, contributed to by Production Guild members.  William Makepeace Thackeray's classic novel, Vanity Fair, is adapted by Mammoth Screen and Amazon Studios, which will broadcast on ITV. The story follows a woman who cunningly manipulates her way to the top of Georgian high society, while the Napoleonic wars rage around her. Starring Olivia Cooke and Claudia Jessie, with Michael Palin appearing as Thackeray himself.

Also beginning this week is BBC One drama Press, produced by Lookout Point.  This new original series tells the story of the goings-on at two newspapers - broadsheet and a tabloid. At The Herald, deputy news editor Holly Evans is tasked with giving Wendy Bolt - a controversial right-wing commentator - a tour of the office, but she is itching to get back to a hit-and-run story she is following. However, in doing so, she is in danger of getting on the bad side of editor Duncan Allen. Over at The Post, Oxford graduate Ed Washburn is tasked with speaking to the parents of a footballer who has committed suicide - only for things to get tricky when the couple withdraw the interview. Charlotte Riley, Priyanga Burford, Ben Chaplin and Paapa Essiedu star.


Mammoth Screen / Amazon Studios

PG members:
Paula McBreen - Line Producer
Jamie Lengyel - Unit Production Manager (Hungary)
Andrew Bonner - Production Manager
Cheyenne Conway - Production Manager
Caitlin Wilcox - Assistant Production Co-ordinator
David Jones - Production Accountant
Spencer Archer - Payroll Accountant
Nathan Luff - Location Marshall

PG business partners and affiliates:
FilmFixer - Production support (Camden Film Office, Southwark Film Office, Redbridge Film Office)
TPH Global - Payroll and software
London Borough of Richmond Film Office - Location support
Audiolink - Supplied walkie-talkie rentals

Lookout Point

PG members:
Imogen Gay - Production Manager
Nikki Chamberlin - Production Accountant
Neringa Rukaite - 1st Assistant Accountant
Nadya Wilkinson - Accounts Assistant
Jade Robertson - Assistant Location Manager

PG business partners and affiliates:
Heathrow - Filming location for opening scene (Terminal 5)
BEN - Brand integration
TPH Global - Payroll and Software
Audiolink - Supplied walkie-talkie rentals
Integro - Provided insurance
FilmFixer - Production support (Islington Film Office, Southward Film Office, Camden Film Office, Lambeth Film Office)


Toledo Productions

PG members:
Alex Gavigan - 2nd Assistant Director (Crowd)
Sam Pickering - Assistant Unit Manager
Gisela Evert - Post Production Supervisor
Paul Tomlinson - Location Manager
Monique Mussell - Production Manager
Helen Fraser - 2nd Assistant Director
Neil Wallace - 1st Assistant Director

PG business partners and affiliates:
Pinewood Studios - shot at Pinewood Studios, original sound by Pinewood Audio Post team
Pinewood MBS Lighting - lighting
Integro Entertainment – production insurance
BEN - product placement
Molinare - full DI - colourist Gareth Spensley
FilmFixer - Southwark Film Office, Camden Film Office, Lewisham Film Office

Walt Disney Pictures

PG members:
David Cain - Unit Production Manager
Christie Barber - Payroll Accountant (Processing main CREW payroll)
Adam Morris - 1st Assistant Director (2nd Unit)
Catriona Scott - Production Co-ordinator (Additional Photography)
Jeremy Johns - Executive Producer/Unit Production Manager
Emma Pill - Supervising Location Manager
Seamus Devine - Financial Controller
Peter Drakeford - Payroll

Assistant (Christopher Robin Reshoot with Richard Henry Production Accountant )
Francesca Hunt - 1st Accountant
Tony Rice - Assistant Accountant (P-Cards)
Mark Birtchnell - 2nd Assistant Accountant
Nathan Luff - Accounts Assistant

PG company affiliates and business partners:
BCD Travel – travel and accommodation
DHL Entertainment Logistics – shipping and logistics
Kent Film Office – helped facilitate main location
Pinewood MBS Lighting – lighting
Pinewood Studios - shot at Pinewood and Shepperton Studios
FilmFixer - Southwark Film Office, Camden Film Office, Lewisham Film Office

Fudge Park Productions

PG members:
Tom Boardman – Assistant Production Accountant
Joe Downs – 2nd Production Accountant (additional photography)
Nikki Chamberlin – Production Accountant
Michael Constable – Line Producer (additional photography)

PG company affiliates and business partners:
Integro Entertainment – production insurance
Film Finances - completion guarantors
The Bottle Yard Studios – based and shot at the studios
TPH Global – accounting software and payroll

Carnaby Films

PG members
Justin Miller - Location Accountant

PG company affiliates and business partners:
Integro Entertainment – production insurance

Shoebox Films

PG members:
Daniel Toland – Co Producer
Tony Miller – Production Controller
Gisela Evert – Post Production Supervisor

PG company members and affiliates:
Above the Line Security – provided security
Coutts – banking services
Integro Entertainment – production insurance

Paramount Pictures / Bad Robot

Production Credits
Guy Barker - Financial Controller
Andrew Buckley - Location Scout
Zuzana von Schlippe - 3rd Assistant Accountant
Nathan Luff - Location Marshall…
Georgette Turner - Location Scout
Brian Donovan - Unit Production Manager (Paris)
Penny Udall - 3rd Assistant Accountant
Harmeek Singh Saandal - Assistant Accountant (Payroll)
Artur Surma - Construction Accountant
Terry Ashby - 3rd Assistant Accountant
Fraser Grant - Location Accountant
Ciaran (Ciz) Moran - Payroll Accountant
Jasmina Torbati - Production Supervisor (Early preproduction only )
Matt Blain - 1st Assistant Accountant (Paris)
Ben Piltz - Supervising Location Manager
Beryl Brown - Senior Assistant Accountant
Charlie Hayes - Location Manager
Sheerin KhosrowshahiMiandoab - Assistant Co-ordinator (Paris Unit)
Child Licences Contracts Shipping
Mark Beaumont - Location Accountant (New Zealand)
Victoria Vanderlinden - 1st Assistant Accountant (NZ)
Chris Brock - Unit Production Manager
Helen Seery - Production Accountant

PG company affiliates and business partners:
FilmFixer – Southwark Film Office
Panavision – supplied camera, lenses, grip and cranes
Neil Corbould SFX – Neil Corbould was the Special Effects Supervisor
BlueBolt – visual effects work
Pinewood Studios – Dailies provided by Pinewood Digital
Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden – shot at the studios
Warner Bros. Production rentals – supplied equipment
DHL Entertainment Logistics – shipping and logistics


PG members:
Christian Granier-Deferre – Executive Producer

Company affiliates and business partners:
Panavision – supplied camera and lenses
Technicolor – post production
Integro Entertainment – production insurance

Senorita Films

PG members
Nicholas Simon - Producer

PG company affiliates and business partners
Integro Entertainment - production insurance