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Fri 25th Jan 2019

New releases

In the latest television release from PG members, twenty-four year old Marnie has XXX-rated and intrusive thoughts all the time and she can’t tell anyone. It turns out she’s actually caught in the grip of an excruciating type of obsessive compulsive disorder – a form of OCD nicknamed ‘pure O’. The problem is, Marnie doesn’t know this yet – she just knows: Something. Has. Got. To. Give. Pure debuts on Channel 4 on Wednesday 30th Jan. On BBC One Call the Midwife continues.


Drama Republic

PG members:
Matthew Lawson - Production Accountant
Michael Robins - Co-Producer
Heather Stewart Newman - Production Manager

Company affiliates and business partners:
FilmFixer - Southwark Film Office, Lambeth Film Office, Camden Film Office, Islington Film Office
TPH - software and payroll
Media Insurance Brokers - production insurances
Coutts - bankers to the production


Neal Street Productions

PG members:
Frances Mable - Line Producer
Nicole Cernat - 2nd Assistant Accountant
Bella Kawan - 1st Assistant Accountant
Joanna Bates - Production Accountant

Company affiliates and business partners 
Coutts - production banking
Setkeeper - production management system
Surrey Film Office - S8 Christmas special – Permits for filming on the highway, series 8 – Location assistance
Molinare - picture post – Colourist, Jateen Patel


BBC / eOne Features

PG members:
Jim Spencer - Co-Producer
Louise Killin - Unit Production Manager
Maxine Stanley - Production Accountant
Sairh Sheikh - 2nd Assistant Accountant
Anna Hinds - Production Co-ordinator
Catherine Francis-Driscoll - 1st Assistant Accountant
Jim Spencer - Co-Producer

PG company affiliates and business partners:
FilmFixer - Lewisham film Office, Camden Film Office, Merton Film Office
Take 2 – supplied cameras
Coutts – production banking
Media Insurance Brokers – arranged the insurance
Twickenham Studios – partly shot on Stage 1
London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames – provided location support
Audiolink - supplied walkie-talkie rentals and cellular rentals
Film Birmingham - facilitated and provided locations
Pinewood Studios - partly shot at the studios

Working Title Films

PG members:
Emma Crowhurst - Accounts Trainee
Miguel Munoz-Pariente - 1st Assistant Accountant
Natalie Harrower - Accounts Payable
Sarah Bishop - Assistant Accountant
David Danisovszky - Payroll Accountant
Jon Duncan - Financial Controller
Jo Fox - Assistant Producer (Assistant to Debra Hayward)
Darren Holmes - Dailies Payroll Accountant
Corrine Millson-Crane - Construction Accountant
Tom Reed - Accounts Trainee

PG company affiliates and business partners:
BlueBolt – sole VFX vendor
Pinewood Studios - shot at Pinewood Studios, supported by Pinewood Creative Services - dailies and Audio Post, Pinewood MBS Lighting

Element Pictures

PG members:
Rebecca Daly - Post Production Accountant
Liane Escorza - Production Manager (Additional Photography)
Charlie Doult - Payroll Administrator
Daniel Ryan - Cashier
Nessa King - Production Accountant
Claire Kenny - Assistant Accountant
Nicky Earnshaw - Production Executive (Film4)
Ann-Marie Fitzgerald - Finance Controller
Corrine Millson-Crane - 1st Assistant Accountant
Pollyanna Gill - Assistant Accountant
Michelle Mullen - Production Manager
Tamlyn Samuels - Assistant Production Co-ordinator

PG company affiliates
FilmFixer – Bexley Film Office
Coutts – production banking
Media Insurance Brokers – arranged insurance
Audiolink - supplied walkie-talkie rentals and cellular rentals
Above the Line – provided security

Killer Films / Number 9 Films

PG members:
Emma Mallett - Production Manager (UK)
Ashton Radcliffe - Location Scout
Richard George - Supervising Location Manager
Caroline Levy - Co-Producer
Grant Wolstenholme - 1st Assistant Accountant
Debbie Moseley - Assistant Accountant
Richard Lindsay - Location Manager
Nicola Morrow - Production Manager (Production Manager - Additional Photography)

PG company affiliates and business partners:
Coutts – production banking
Twickenham Studios – production offices
Audiolink - supplied walkie-talkie rentals and cellular rentals
Gallagher Entertainment - insurance 

Walt Disney Pictures

PG members:
Angus More Gordon - Co-Producer/Unit Production Manager
Charlie Hayes - Location Manager
Callum McDougall - Executive Producer
Bertie Spiegelberg - Production Supervisor
Clair Hanson - 1st Assistant Accountant
Caroline Houghton - Production Secretary
Jessica Smith - Assistant Payroll Accountant
Chika Anisiobi - Production Accountant
Hannah Godwin - Production Manager
Rebecca Ioannou - Assistant Production Co-ordinator
Sandra Nixon - Production Accountant (Re shoots)
Kelly Lee - Production Co-ordinator
Debbie Moseley - AP Supervisor (RE-SHOOTS)
Kimberley Franklin - Assistant Accountant
Hayleigh Roberts - Production Secretary
James Richardson - Financial Controller
Karen Birtchnell - Payroll Accountant (Additional Photography)
Emma Fuller - Accounts Assistant
Fabian Ramirez - Cashier
Sarah Iovino - Art Department Co-ordinator
Emine Soydanyavas - Greens Department Co-ordinator

PG company affiliates and business partners
FilmFixer - Southwark Film Office, Lambeth Film Office, Camden Film Office, Islington Film Office
Surrey Film Office – Permission to film on the public highway
DHL Entertainment Logistics - Shipping and Logistic services
BCD Travel - accomodation and travel
Pinewood MBS Lighting - serviced studios and location
Above the Line Security - security
Pinewood Studios Group - shot at the Studios

Czech Anglo Productions

PG members
Samantha Warham (Nee Beddoe) - Financial Controller
Polly Hope - Production Manager – Malta

Shudder Films

PG members
Tom Darby-Evans - Production Co-ordinator

PG company affiliates and business partners
Integro Entertainment - insurance


Element Pictures

PG members
Kamlesh Acheson - Assistant Accountant
Adrian O'Brien - Production Accountant (Braven Films & Element Pictures)
Simone Tomasi - Production Assistant
Nicky Earnshaw - Production Executive (Film4)
Vinnie Jassal - Location Manager
Roslyn Hill - Production Manager

PG company affiliates and business partners
Coutts – banking services
FilmFixer – Camden Film office
Film Finances - completion guarantors
Above the Line Security - security