Phantom Thread - new releases

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Fri 2nd Feb 2018

New releases

In this week's new feature film release from PG members Daniel Day Lewis reunites with Paul Thomas in his final film as a society dressmaker beguiled by a young waitress, while a trusted driver must deal with his dead boss' Muslim mistress and her dark past. This week’s feature film releases from PG members are The Lies we Tell and Phantom Thread

Continuing in television is Blood and Bone, Man Like Mobeen while Jamestown returns for a second series.


Bradford International Film Associates

PG members:
Trevor Puckle - 2nd Assistant Director
Danny Gulliver - Line Producer
Geraldine Ditano - Production Accountant

PG company affiliates and business partners:
Integro Entertainment - insurance

Annapurna Pictures

Natalie Harrower - Assistant Accountant/Cashier
Claudia Cimmino - Production Supervisor
Joe Downs - Production Accountant
Lucy Barron - Accounts Assistant
Trevor Stanley - Financial Controller
Erin Duffy - Production Co-ordinator
Samantha Waite - Unit Production Manager
Uxue Iñurritegi - Production Assistant
Robert Miller - Production Assistant (Dailies)

PG company affiliates and business partners:
Above the Line Security – provided all security
BCD Travel – travel and accomodation
FilmFixer – Camden Film Office and Lambeth Film Office
Media Insurance Brokers – placed the insurances
TPH - payroll and accounting software


Tiger Aspect

PG members
Francesca Dowd – Production Co-ordinator

ITV Studios

PG members:
Karen Swinney – Assistant Accountant
Will Nicholson – Line Producer

Mammoth Screen

PG members:
Spencer Pawson - 1st Assistant Accountant
Shana Bah Assistant Production Co-ordinator
Robin Green - Production and Post Production Accountant
Alexandra Kosevic - Production Executive
Emily Russell - Line Producer

PG company affiliates and business partners
Kent Film Office – location support
Film Fixer – Islington Film Office
TPH Global – payroll services
BEN – Brand Integration
Media Insurance Brokers – insurance

Carnival Film and Television

PG members:
Tara Bhoola – Post Production Supervisor

PG company affiliates and business partners:
Audiolink - supplied walkie-talkie rentals and cellular equipment 
BCD Travel – travel and accommodation
BlueBolt Ltd – delivered all the VFX for Jamestown Series 1. Their team built a full 3D ship and extended the world beyond the walls of the built Jamestown set. Other work involved the removal of modern features, and enhancements of both SFX and prosthetics. We then re-joined Jamestown for Series 2.
TPH – payroll and accounting software
Warner Bros. Production Rentals - set lighting and equipment 


Studio Canal

Simon Fraser - Unit Production Manager
Michelle Pauly - Assistant Accountant
Michael Dreyer - Executive Producer
Elizabeth Kerr - Assistant Accountant
Will Tyler - Financial Controller
Sarah Iovino - Art Department Co-ordinator
Polly Jefferies - Production Co-ordinator
Harmeek Singh Saandal - Assistant Accountant
Tom Boardman - PG Assistant Accountant Trainee

PG company affiliates and business partners:
Arri Rental – supplied camera and grip equipment
BCD Travel – post production travel
Coutts – production bank
Media Insurance Brokers – insurance
Pinewood MBS Lighting – studios and location lighting
MIB Insurance – insurance
Pinewood Studios – shot at the studios
TLO Film services – vehicles
Twickenham Studios – foley completed at the studios

Working Title Films

PG members:
Daniel Budd - Production Accountant
Tanya Mellotte - Payroll Accountant
Anna Hinds - Production Co-ordinator (Additional Photography)
Penny Udall - Assistant Accountant/Cashier
Company affiliates and business partners:
Above the Line Security - security
Arri Rental – supplied camera and grip equipment
BCD Travel – arranged travel
DHL Entertainment Logistics – logistics and shipping
Film Fixer - Camden Film Office
Production Rentals Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden – provider of lighting equipment ‘WBSL set lighting’
Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden – shot at the studios

Scott Free Productions

PG members:
Elizabeth Hurley - Production Accountant
Aidan Elliott - Co-Producer
James Smith - Unit Production Manager
Linda Tootill - Payroll Accountant (Additional Photography)
Lizzie Bull - Assistant Production Co-ordinator ((Reshoots))
Sarah Lyall - Post Production Assistant Accountant
Peter Eardley - Financial Controller
Elizabeth Kerr - Dailies Payroll Accountant
Paul B. Gibbs - Post Production Accountant
Ben Kozel - Assistant Production Co-ordinator (UK Unit)
Steve Mortimore - Supervising Location Manager
Kate Seymour - Assistant Location Manager (Elveden)

PG company affiliates and business partners:
Above the Line Security - security
Coutts – production bank
DHL Entertainment Logistics – logistics and shipping
Film Fixer – Camden Film Office
Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden – shot at the studios
Twickenham Studios – sound post production completed at the studios
TPH Global – payroll services

SLUMBER (2017)
Tea Shop & Film Company

PG members
Donna Fitzsymons - Production Accountant
Kate Glover - Line Producer

PG company affiliates and business partners:
Coutts – production bank
Integro Entertainment – insurance brokers


PG members:
Elena Zokas - Unit Production Manager
Polly Hope - Production Supervisor
Tanya Mellotte - Payroll Accountant
Sarah Trowse - Production Accountant
Rajeshree Patel - Construction Accountant
Kelly Lee - Production Co-ordinator (Foreign Locations)
Clare Cunningham - Production Accountant (Ireland)
Karen Bicknell - Assistant Accountant
Cara Loftus - Production Assistant (Ireland)
Boris Dmitrovic - Line Producer (LINE PRODUCER CROATIA)
Kate Hazell - Production Manager (Splinter Unit)
Mally Chung - Supervising Location Manager
Ciaran (Ciz) Moran - Payroll Accountant (Key Payroll Accountant)
Matt Jones - Location Manager
Rachel Welch - Key 1st Assistant Accountant
Andy Surry - Production Co-ordinator (2nd Unit)
Catriona Scott - Assistant Production Co-ordinator (Shipping)
Paul Pattison - Floor Runner (Dailies - One Week)

PG company affiliates and business partners:
Above the Line – provided security
Audiolink - supplied walkie-talkies and cellular equipment rentals
BCD Travel – arranged travel
Datasat Media – provided location internet and live video link
DHL Entertainment Logistics - shipping and Logistic services
Panavision - supplied camera, lenses, grip and cranes
Pinewood studios Group - shot at Pinewood Studios on 15 stages.