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Allelujah - new release from PGGB members

Mon 13th Mar 2023

In this week's new feature film release from PGGB members, a geriatric ward in a small Yorkshire hospital is threatened with closure. The hospital fights back, galvanising the local community by inviting a news crew to film their preparations for a concert in honour of the hospital’s most distinguished nurse. Allelujah, based on Alan Bennett's 2018 play of the same name, is out now. 


BBC Films

PGGB members:
Nicola Morrow – Co-Producer
Maxine Stanley – Production Accountant
Amy Rudling – Accounts Trainee

PGGB affiliates and partners:
Tysers Entertainment - insurance
Trevanna - post production accounts 
FilmFixer - Islington Film Office, Haringey Film Office, FilmFixer, Camden Film Office
AudioLink - supplied walkie-talkies and cellular equipment 
Team Engine - Digital Onboarding and Fit-to-work systems
SetKeeper - production solutions
BEN - product placement
Location Collective - location