Movietech support - Electric Dreams: The World of Philip K. Dick

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Tue 12th Sep 2017

Affiliate news

Produced as a partnership between Channel 4 and SONY Pictures Television, Electric Dreams: The World of Philip K. Dick is a brand new series of ten individual dramas featuring the short stories of the award-winning Sci-Fi novelist.

Servicing the five UK based shoots, independent image capture specialists and Production Guild company affiliates, Movietech, have been working alongside production teams delivering equipment and support to the crews tasked with bringing the stories to life.

Adapted as a suite of slick and absorbing, stand alone, dramas, the series explores the acclaimed Sci-Fi novelist’s prophetic vision, with an added contemporary feel designed to appeal to a global audience in the modern era.

The roster of Cinematographers on board for the production, has included Ole Bratt Birkeland, Ollie Downey, David Katznelson, Tony Slater Ling and Felix Wiedemann, each shooting one episode apiece to help define the individual looks that accompany each story.

Movietech have been working closely with the Directors of Photography to build a suitably versatile kit list centred around a RED’s Dragon and Weapon Helium 8K, matched with a selection of the company’s expansive lensing options plus a supporting grip package.

Speaking about the company’s involvement with the project, Movietech Managing Director John Buckley says “Electric Dreams has pulled together some really exciting creative crews. It really is fantastic to have this opportunity to be supporting such a strong group of Cinematographers with a range of equipment that can meet the individual artistic requirements of each episodes in the series”.