Movietech Cymru announces Cardiff expansion.

Fri 4th Jun 2021

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Movietech, are pleased to announce the expansion of their Movietech Cymru operation. Based at Great Point Studios, to the East of Cardiff, this investment by the camera and grip equipment rental specialists, is a solid reflection of their ongoing support for production in the local area.

Having established Movietech Cymru in 2015, the company has proudly supported a steady flow of productions throughout the region.

“Our commitment to Wales and the South West remains as strong as ever,” says Movietech MD David Palmer. “At the beginning of 2020 we appointed Andy Clarke as head of our Cardiff based grip division, alongside Katy Kardasz running our camera department. This year we are delighted to have agreed terms with the studio to increase both our camera floor and office footprint - effectively doubling the scale of our facility”.

As demonstrated by a number of recent announcements of regional studio investment, the ongoing trend for film and tv production to migrate across the UK appears set to continue. Cardiff and Bristol maintain a position at the forefront of this shift, with both locations having a proven record in attracting outside investment, nurturing local talent and fostering the necessary industry infrastructure.

Movietech Marketing Director Andy Cooper adds, “The service and equipment mix available through Movietech Cymru remains the very best available. We are consistently investing in equipment and our team here, to make sure we’re perfectly placed to continue delivering total production support, throughout the area”.

David Palmer concludes, “With fantastic locations, studios, excellent business premises, plus a raft of fiscal stimulus, Wales is a successful, attractive destination for filmmakers. Through Movietech Cymru we are able to compliment the local industry by providing equipment and technical support on a local level. With further significant investment planned, our aim is not only to enhance the range of services we provide, but to directly benefit our colleagues within the production community”. 

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