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The Production Guild introduces 17 new members

Thu 31st Jan 2019

The Production Guild is delighted to welcome 17 new members from the latest round of membership applications. 11 current members have also successfully upgraded or transferred their membership to new grades.

The applications which have all now been approved by the Membership Committee and ratified by the PG Board see a range of new members joining the Guild from production, the accounts department, VFX, locations and post production within Full and Supplementary membership categories:

Full applications

Rebecca Daly - Production Accountant

Rich Yeomans - VFX Producer

Angela Moneke - Production Coordinator

Karen Richards - Producer

Claire Campbell - Production Manager

Frances Mable - Line Producer

Samuel Sharpe - Production Coordinator

Supplementary applications

Elizabeth Morana - Supplementary Accounting

Kyle Christensen - Supplementary Post Production

Nancy Jiang - Supplementary Production

Eve Dautremant - Supplementary Accounting

Georgina Oates - Supplementary Accounting

Natasha Markou - Supplementary Production

Hannah Cole - Supplementary Locations

Mirna Kapetanovic - Supplementary Production

Mirriam Clark - Supplementary Accounting

Approved transfer / upgrades

Roopesh Parekh - upgrade to Producer

Sara Desmond - upgrade to UPM

Peter Eardley - upgrade to Financial Controller

Stephanie Vaughan - upgrade to Production Coordinator

Arber Hoxha - upgrade to Assistant Accountant

Charlotte Keating - upgrade to Production supervisor

Wendy Ellerker - upgrade to Financial Controller

Andy Surry - upgrade to Production supervisor

Sanjay Sharma - transfer to Supplementary Production

Martina Silcock - upgrade to Production Manager

Nuala Alen-Buckley - upgrade to Financial Controller

Permanently Employed

Danielle Brandon - Permanently Employed, Archery Pictures