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Team Engine - tools for a safe production

Fri 19th Jun 2020

Team Engine are pleased to announce the launch of their Personnel Health Status module; combined with engine, their digital Onboarding and Timecard solution, you can easily manage your production during Covid-19.

Each module can be used separately to monitor crew exposure to the virus, contract paperlessly and process timecards, all remotely.

Personnel Health Status:

  • A simple, online form for all personnel attending site
  • Questions and guidance written by you
  • Emails sent automatically to crew per your timetable
  • Crew errors reduced with part-filled form links
  • Form responses generate red/yellow/green passes 
  • Issues flagged to specific production personnel
  • Sensitive data stored securely
  • Temperature-check integration available


  • Streamlined, paperless contracting of crew
  • Your ​company contracts & forms
  • Data kept confidential, deals not emailed
  • Easy online completion: accurate, legible, transparent
  • Passports, kit lists, etc, acquired upon engagement 
  • Legal, secure, digital signing with Docusign
  • Crew reuse startpack, show after show


  • Remotely record & approve crew hours
  • Configure non-union or PACT/BECTU, per your interpretation
  • Update shooting calendar per unit
  • Crew enter times & place of work only
  • Departments can create timecards for teams
  • Overtime calculated from deal terms
  • Amend / approve timecards (HoD>Prod>Acc)
  • Calculate the gross payment due
  • View real-time changes & progress
  • Export timecards, new starters, hot costs, payroll

Engine is built to work with any studio or payroll system, streamlining your processes to save time, stress, money and help the planet. It is designed by industry professionals with 40 years of combined experience who understand the issues faced by productions. The system has been implemented by over 95 shows and has over 15,000 freelance crew users.

For more information about Team Engine’s products and how to use them for the benefit of project productivity, crew convenience and all personnel safety, please contact the team at [javascript protected email address]​ or visit