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Facilities by ADF - an incredibly busy year

Wed 23rd Jan 2019

Yet again it’s been an incredibly busy year with hardly any time to come up for air, the indications are that 2019 will continue in the same vein. With this in mind, Production Guild company affiliate Facilities by ADF would like to ask you have a project that’s going to begin production early next year and will require their services, then please make contact sooner rather than later to secure availability.

In line with our industry, Facilities by ADF have gone through a considerable stage of growth over the last few years and are continuing to do so in an effort to meet the ongoing and, what seems like, endless demand for vehicles. They're committed to a comprehensive expansion plan that involves ongoing investment in new, high-end equipment like the Black Diamond Range as well as their infrastructure and personnel that are integral to being able to deliver a high level of service to their clients.

From January 2019 there will be a slight increase in their rates to reflect the above. As always, they would be be more than happy to have a discussion to try and formulate an agreement that fits within the parameters of your budget.

For more information take a look at their newsletter here.