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Digital Orchard announce Charlie Noble will lead its post services 

Tue 28th Apr 2020

Digital Orchard has cemented its position as a unique film industry service provider, offering services from capture on set through to scanning and grading in post, with the hire of one of its experienced technicians into the new role of Head of Post.

The team at Digital Orchard are big believers in linking services to improve efficiency, quality and inter-team collaboration. Since opening up their grading suites at their facility in Leavesden, Digital Orchard has been the trusted partner on numerous film and digital shoots, securely processing data and film stock with efficient workflows that start in testing and take productions right through to the deliverable master. Combining these services means a more secure workflow, consistent knowledge of the image and cost savings for the production.

Digital Orchard has hired Charlie Noble to lead the team working on picture post and a range of additional post services.

Originally trained in the lighting department, Charlie swiftly moved to camera assisting and began to work with cinematographers on a vast range of projects across the globe. Thanks to his ever-expanding skillset, Charlie was a great addition to any camera crew, providing invaluable support to DOPs, from handling large multi format camera shoots to producing intricate colour pipelines for dramas and commercials alike. Charlie’s passion and willingness to embrace the wide array of challenges of film-making have helped many DOPs and Directors achieve their desired vision With experience on Sky’s Riviera, Marvel’s Dr Strange, HBO’s Avenue 5, Disney’s Christopher Robin and the upcoming FOX UK release Death on the Nile with Director Kenneth Branagh, Charlie will use his vast on set and dailies knowledge to now support productions with achieving a highly efficient and consistently accurate post production workflow, working with them from capture on set right through to the conform, grade and master.

Callum Just, Founding Director of Digital Orchard, explains, “We’re proud to be able to progress our technicians into new positions with us, especially at challenging times like those we face right now. Charlie has been with us since we did Guardians of the Galaxy in 2013, and it was his ability to incorporate new technology into his work, his positive impact on colleagues on set and his commitment to quality that made him stand out to us for this role.”

Post production will now also join the roster of services and roles that Digital Orchard offers support for through its foundation. The Digital Orchard Foundation is designed to support underrepresented groups to progress into technical roles in the industry, filling the gaps in current provision through new events, advocacy and training.