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New releases

Rocketman, & More

Fri 17th May 2019

In this week's new feature releases from PG members, there are tantrums and tiaras in the biopic of one of the UK's most successful singer-songwriters. On more exotic shores, the Genie is out of the lamp in the retelling of a classic Disney tale. Rocketman and Aladdin are this week's new releases from PG members.  

In television, Lee and Dean continues.


Paramount Pictures

PG members:
Will Tyler - Financial Controller
Christie Barber - Supervising Accountant
Caroline Houghton - Assistant Production Controller (Additional Photography)
Karen Birtchnell - 1st Assistant Accountant
Ella Chaitow - Production Supervisor
Iain Mackenzie - Unit Production Manager
Andrew Buckley - Supervising Location Manager
Nigel Mattison - Assistant to Producers

PG company affiliates and business partners:
TLO – vehicles
Above the Line Security - security
Pinewood MBS Lighting – lighting
DHL Entertainment Logistics – logistics services
Moving Picture Logistics – transport
FilmFixer, Southwark Film Office, Camden Film Office, Bromley Film Office - film location management


Walt Disney Pictures

PG members
Diarmuid Coghlan - Financial Controller
Claire Quinn - 1st Assistant Accountant
Kevin De La Noy - Executive Producer
Sairh Sheikh - Assistant Accountant
Owen Keys - Dailies Payroll Accountant
Marco Calabrese - Production Co-ordinator (Jordan)
Ruby Avards - Construction Accountant
Georgina Oates - Accounts Clerk
Ana Stichini - Post Production Accounts
Nathan Francis - Accounts Assistant
Karin Mercurio - Production Accountant
Peter Bardsley - Unit Location Manager
Amanda Fernie - Payroll Accountant
Mark Mostyn - Unit Production Manager
Grant Wolstenholme - 1st Assistant Accountant (Additional / Enhancement Photography)
Kimberley Franklin - Assistant Accountant
Mark Somner - Production Manager (I was the Production Manager for shoot in Jordan )
Terry Blyther - Studio Manager (Longcross Studios)
Lucy Howell - Assistant Accountant (Pre-production)

PG company affiliates and business partners
Molinare - sounds effects editing by Jeremy Price
Pinewood MBS Lighting – lighting
DHL Entertainment Logistics – logistic services


Rosetta Productions Ltd

PG members
Alan J (Willy) Wands - 1st Assistant Director
Paul M A Zieleniec - Assistant Accountant

PG company affiliates and business partners
Media Insurance Brokers - insurance


Legendary Entertainment / Warner Bros.

PG members:
Sam Breckman -Unit Production Manager
Mark Gladwin - Location Scout
Elisha Enfield - Production Assistant
Stephanie Vaughan - Production Co-ordinator
Nikki Chamberlin - Assistant Accountant
Viketa Kamdar - Assistant Accountant
Pollyanna Gill - 2nd Assistant Accountant
Amelia Price - Location Co-ordinator
Sarah Rake - VFX Accountant
Christian Holden - UK Accountant
Tilly O'Hara - Assistant Payroll Accountant
Devis Damonte - 1st Assistant Accountant
Philip Lobban- Location Scout
Elizabeth Brizzell - VFX and Location Accountant

PG company affiliates and business partners:
Kent Film Office - assisted with locations and production were at Anchor Wharf in the popular Historic Dockyard Chatham for several weeks in February last year.
DIO Landmarc-HO – Halton House and Minley Training Estate


PG members:
Suzie Shearer - Unit Production Manager
Kyren Parker - UK Payroll Accountant (UK / SPAIN / DAILIES CREW)
Kamlesh Acheson - Payroll Accountant (Additional Photography)
Sofia Guiotto - Production Co-ordinator (Re-shoots Only)
Samantha Brayson - Dailies Payroll Accountant
Andy New - Assistant Accountant
Elizabeth Small - Production Co-ordinator (Including shoot in Mallorca)
Sharon Doku - PG Accounts Trainee
Susannah Kudrath - UK Payroll Accountant (Additional Photography)
Geraldine Ditano - Location Accountant
Jeremy DeCoursey - Assistant Location Manager
Marilyn Goldsworthy - UK Production Accountant
Laura Mateos Sanvicens - Production Accountant (Majorca-Spain)

PG company affiliates and business partners:
Above the Line Security - security
DHL Entertainment Logistics – logistics services
London Borough of Richmond upon Thames – provided locations
DIO Landmarc-HO – Halton House and Minley Training Estate
Pinewood MBS Lighting – lighting suppliers

Pinewood Pictures

PG members:
Alice Dawson - Line Producer
Luke Randolph - Completion Guarantor
Claire Kenny - 1st Assistant Accountant
Rachel Proudlove - Production Accountant
Kenneth Statham - 2nd Assistant Accountant
Karl Liegis - Unit Production Manager
Hussain Casey-Ahmed - Production Co-ordinator
Judith Bantock - Line Producer

PG company affiliates and business partners:
DHL Entertainment Logistics – logistics services
Integro Entertainment - insurance brokers
Molinare - picture post production
Sapex Scripts - prepared the Dialogue, Continuity and Subtitle Spotting List AND the disability access HOH subtitles and Audio Description


Eclipse Films

PG members
Jude Campbell - 1st Assistant Director
Richard Hyland - Production Accountant
Tony Hood - Location Manager
Simon Moseley - Line Producer
Susan R Wall - Payroll Accountant
Lynda Faulkner - 1st Assistant Accountant (Working Remotley)
Nancy Jiang - Assistant Production Co-ordinator

Company affiliates and business partners
Kent Film Office - supported the production by providing a location at the Thames shore at QEII Bridge and helped to facilitate the use of a drone in a high security area with local authorities and emergency services.
TPH Global - Payroll and software
MIB – arranged insurances
FilmFixer, Islington Film Office - film location management

Chernin Entertainment

PG members
Emma Jane Richards - 2nd Location Manager
Ben Arslanian - Production Accountant

Company affiliates and business partners:
Liverpool Film Office - shot on location in Liverpool

Trademark Films

Alice Dawson - Co-Producer
Richard McNeill - Financial Controller
Liz Barron - Production Finance Executive
Beth Timbrell - Production Manager
Tom Howard - Supervising Location Manager
Jenni Lewis - Location Manager
Elfyn Wyn Jones - Production Accountant
Samantha Scowcroft - Post Production Accountant
Amelia Southgate - Production Co-ordinator
KJ Lamb - Assistant Accountant
Lisa Hanley - Accounts Assistant

Company affiliates and business partners:
Surrey Film Office - location assistance
TLO Film Services - vehicle supply
Sapex Scripts - dialogue, continuity, subtitle spotting list, audio description and HOH subtitles
Integro - insurance
Twickenham Studios - UK production base, picture and sound post-production (excluding VFX)

Warner Bros.

PG members:
Alan Graves - 2nd Unit Production Manager

Millennium Films / Lionsgate 

PG members:
Matthew O'Toole - Producer
Benjamin Greenacre - UPM (UK Shoot)
Neil Wallace, 1st Assistant Director
Helen Fraser, 2nd Assistant Director
Joe Downs, Production Accountant
Daniel Budd, UK Payroll Accountant
Richard Lindsay, Location Scout
Ashton Radcliffe, Location Scout

Company affiliates and business partners:
Above the Line Set Assistance & Security - UK secuirty
The Bottleyard Studios - UK productiom base
Bristol Film Office - Supported location filming

Warner Bros.

PG members:
Kenneth Statham - 3rd Assistant Accountant

PG company affiliates and business partners:
Warner Bros. - Produced by


Bingo Productions for Channel 4

PG members:
Mick Pantaleo - Production Manager

PG company affiliates and business partners:
Media Insurance Brokers - Arranged insurance