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Poldark, & More

Fri 12th Jul 2019

In this week's new television release from Production Guild members, Poldark returns for a fifth series, where the stakes will be higher than ever, as the BBC One drama's fifth series is "going to be the last", according to writer Debbie Horsfield. 

Continuing in television is Wild Bill, Year of the Rabbit, Killing Eve and Black Mirror.



Mammoth Screen

PG members:
Monty Till – Assistant Location Manager
Sinead Gogarty – 1st Assistant Accountant

PG company affiliates and business partners
Twickenham Studios - foley
Technicolor - provided full picture and sound post production including VFX work. The team were Kevin Horsewood – Senior Colourist, Simon Giblin – Online Editor, Garth Bull – Rerecording Mixer, James Drake – Rerecording Mixer/ADR Recordist, Martha Lake – Post Production Producer
Above the Line Security - security
TPH - software and payroll

ITV / 42

PG members:
Martin Campbell – Key Location Manager
Jennie Lawton – Payroll Accountant
Simon Moseley – Line Producer (Block One)
Parvez Zabier – Production Accountant (8 weeks prep)
Justin Miller – Production Accountant (for Block 2)
Lisa Hanley – 1st Assistant Accountant
Eve Dautremant – Assistant Accountant
Richard McNeill – Supervising Production Accountant
Chris Sheriff – Production Supervisor
Maxine Stanley – Supervising Production Accountant
Marco Calbrese – Unit Production Manager
Imogen Gay – Production Manager (Prep/Block 1)

PG company affiliates:
Setkeeper - 
FimFixer - Hounslow Film Office, Haringey Film Office, Barnet Film Office, Islington Film Office
TPH Global - vehicles 
Audiolink - supplied walkie-talkie rentals and cellular rentals

Objective Productions

PG members:
Frances Mable – Line Producer (Pilot

Sid Gentle Films

PG members
Andy Noble – Producer
Adrian Kelly – Line Producer
Adrian O’Brien – Financial Controller
Casper Mill – Supervising Location Manager
Andy New – Production Accountant
Sheila Price – Post Production Accountant
Nancy Jiang – Travel and Accommodation Coordinator
Kamlesh Acheson – Payroll Accountant
Sophie Sengchan – Production Secretary
Sharon Doku – Cashier 

PG company affiliates and business partners
FilmFixer - Southwark Film Office, Lambeth Film Office, Lewisham Film Office, Islington Film Office
Arri - supplied camera equipment
TPH Global - 
BEN - product placement
Audiolink - supplied walkie-talkies and cellular rentals 
Integro Entertainment - insurance brokers
Molinare - picture post by Molinare, sound post by Hackenbacker


PG members
Liza Carmel – Production Coordinator
Marshall Leviten – Line Producer
Dalida Carew – Cashier/Accounts Assistant
Kate Glover – Producer
Josie Kelly – Financial Controller
Hannah Lewis – Payroll Accountant
Rich Yeomans – VFX Producer (Episode 3 only)
Sam Pickering – Unit Manager 

PG company affiliates and business partners
Setkeeper - technology
FilmFixer - Southwark Film Office, Camden Film Office, Islington Film Office
Kent Film Office - Smithereens with locations, road & footpath closures and unit bases
The Production Copier Company supplied photocopiers for the Production Office, Art Department and Location/mobile unit
Ealing Studios - shot and based at the studios
DHL Entertainment Services - logistics
TLO - vehicles 


Working Title Films

PG members:
Bernard Bellew – Producer
Jon Duncan – Financial Controller
Nicola Morrow – Unit Production Manager (Additional Photography, pick up shoot only)
Angela Moneke – Production Coordinator
Matthew Longley – Payroll Accountant
Sarah Bishop – Payroll Accountant
Frederic van Strydonck – Assistant Accountant
James Mann – Lead AP Accountant
Mirriam Clark – Cashier

Rook Films

PG members:
Kasia Malipan – Line Producer
Amaka Ugwunko – Production Manager
Tony Hood – Location Manager
Gareth Jones – Post Production Accountant
Tom Darby-Evans – Production Coordinator

PG company affiliates and business partners:
Twickenham Studios - post production
TPH Global - accountancy software