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New releases

Eternals, & More

Fri 29th Oct 2021

In this week's new releases form PGGB members the saga of the Eternals, a race of immortal beings who lived on Earth and shaped its history and civilizations. Also out on release is Spencer and Father Christmas is Back.

Take a look at who has worked on this week's releases below:



PGGB members:
Ruby Avards – Production Accountant
Ellerby White – Payroll Assistant (APATS placement)
David Danisovszky - Assistant Accountant (End of shoot/Wrap)
Mark Jackson – Assistant Accountant (Wrap only)
Athena Sammy – Assistant Production Co-Ordinator (Dailies)
Kevin De La Noy – Executive Producer
Diarmuid Coghlan – Financial Controller
Louise Green – Payroll Accountant
Lucy Howell – Assistant Accountant
Gemma Todd (Smithers) – 2nd Unit Accountant
Nicole Cernat – Accounts Assistant/Payroll
Julian Lara Cid – Assistant Director in Charge of Crowd (2nd Unit)
Danny Gulliver – 2nd Unit Production Manager
Georgina Oates – Assistant Accountant (From May 2019, on AP in particular for the construction department)
Mally Chung – Unit Production Manager (Canary Islands)
Tom Asquith – Location Manager
Joan Schneider – Unit Production Manager
Sarah Hunt – Construction Accountant
Claire Quinn – 1st Assistant Accountant

PGGB partners:
Surrey Film Office - Location assistance and permits
Landmarc Support Services Limited – provided locations
TLO Film Services – vehicles
Film Fixer - Islington FIlm Office, Southwark Film Office,FilmFixer and Camden Film Office
BCD Media & Entertainment – travel
MBS Equipment Company - Lighting equipment and support
Moving Picture Logistics Ltd
Film London – locations and filming support


Shoebox, Komplizen Film, Fabula and FilmNation Entertainment

PGGB Members:
David Blank – Production Accountant (Production Accountant UK)

PGGB partners
Tysers – insurance
Team Engine - Digital Onboarding, Timecard and Fit-to-work systems
Mission Digital - DIT Services

MSR Media

PGGB members:
Liza Bolton – Line Producer
Stephen Naulls – Finance Controller
Tysers – insurance
FilmFixer - Southwark Film Office, Lambeth Film Office 


Amazon Studios / BBC

PGGB members:
Monty Till – Supervising Location Manager
Oliver Laurenson-Gore – Covid Supervisor
Clive Miles – Location Manager
Benjamin Greenacre – Line Producer

PGGB partners:
Above The Line Set Assistance & Security - security
Mission Digital - DIT Services
TLO film services - vehicles
Sara Putt - clients worked on the production 

Genre Films

PGGB members:
Emma Mallett – Production Manager
Christian McWilliams – Supervising Location Manager (UK Shoot Derbyshire (Peak) and London and home counties)
Nancy Jiang – Production Co-ordinator (Morocco Unit)
Sarah Minchin – Payroll Accountant

BRITANNIA (Series 3)
Amazon Studios

PGGB members:
Rupert Ryle-Hodges - Producer
Antonio Austoni – Production Manager
Fay Mohamed – Junior Production Manager
Avneet Chauhan – Assistant Coordinator  

PGGB partners
SetKeeper - production office software & services

(series 2)
Two Brothers Pictures

PGGB members:
Michael Fussell – Supervising Production Accountant
Sheila Price – Post Production Accountant
Marco Calabrese – Unit Production Manager (Hungary)
Anna Botka – Production Coordinator
Sean Browne – 1st Assistant Accountant 

PGGB partners:
Barking and Dagenham’s film office (film lbbd) - locations
Above The Line Set Assistance & Security - security
Landmarc Support Services Limited - locations
Mad Dog 2020 Casting - Supporting Artists
SetKeeper - production office software & services
The Production Copier Company - photocopiers 
Moving Picture Logistics Ltd - HGV & van drivers


Warner Bros and Legendary Entertainment

PGGB members:
Francesca Budd – Production Co-ordinator (Jordan)
Aneta Chalas – Production Co-ordinator (Additional Photography)
Christian McWilliams – Location Scout (Jordan)
Owen Keys – 2nd Assistant Accountant (On location in Jordan)
Peter Bardsley – Location Manager (Jordan)
Tilly O’Hara – UK Payroll Accountant
Richard George – Location Scout (Austria & Slovakia)
Chris Carreras – 1st Assistant Director
Sean Browne – 1st Assistant Accountant (Additional Photography)
Joshua Darby – Assistant Production Co-ordinator (Additional Photography)
Matt Blain – Location Accountant (Location Accountant Jordan)
Trevor Bagge – Production Controller (Additional Photography)
James Grant – Unit Production Manager
Nessa King – Production Accountant (Additional Photography)

PGGB Partners:
DHL Entertainment Logistics - Shipping and Logistics
BCD Media & Entertainment - travel
Panavision - camera and equipment

Marvel Entertainment

PGGB members:
Angus More Gordon – Co-Producer
David Blank – Production Accountant
Deryn Stafford – Production Manager
Bertie Spiegelberg – Production Supervisor
Steve Mortimore – Supervising Location Manager
Miguel Munoz-Pariente – Production Accountant (2nd Unit)
Peter Mintram – Accounts Payable
Ellerby White – Accounts Payable (APATS Placement)
Sairh Sheikh – Construction Accountant
Elizabeth Perkins – Covid Co-ordinator (additional photography unit)
Ben Kozel – Production Co-ordinator
Caroline Levy – Line Producer (Additional Photography UK)
Christie Barber – Key Payroll Accountant/1st Assistant Accountant (Supervising Payroll Accountant September 2019 – March 2020)

PGGB partners:
Mission Digital - provided DIT services
ARRI Rental - supplied camera equipment
DHL Entertainment Logistics - Shipping and Logistics 
BCD Media & Entertainment - travel

MGM / EON Productions

PGGB members:
Andrew Noakes – Co-Producer
Katherine Tibbetts – UPM
Mally Chung – Production Manager
Mara Bryan – VFX Producer
Charlie Hayes – Location Manager
Ashton Radcliffe – Location Scout
Josh Nixon – Cost Accountant
Samuel Sharpe – Production Supervisor
Richard George – Location Scout
Jeremy Pelzer – Location Consultant
Sofia Guiotto – Shipping Co-ordinator (6 weeks cover)
Mike Shoard – Accounts Trainee
Matt Jones – Production Manager (UK Production Manager Italy)
Mark Beaumont (Location Accountant (Jamaica & Italy)
Sandy Reinhardt – Transport Coordinator
Andrew Hammond – Dailies Payroll Accountant
Lucy Barron – Assistant Accountant
Sky Kraigher – Accounts Trainee
Sarah Stiff - 1st Assistant Accountant
Philip Lobban – Location Scout
Penny Udall – Assistant Accountant
Maggie Murray – Payroll Accountant
Matt Clarke – Location Manager (Jamaica)

PGGB Partners:
BCD Media & Entertainment - travel
Cinelab Film & Video - film processing on 65mm & 35mm daily rushes. 1,8 million feet of film was processed in total.
Kodak - shot on Kodak 65mm and 35mm film.
FilmFixer - Lambeth Film Office, Camden Film Office
Media Insurance Brokers Limited - arranged insurances
DHL Entertainment Logistics – shipping and logistics
Team Engine - Digital Onboarding and Timecard
Panavision - camera
MBS Equipment - co provided the lighting and electrical equipment
Audiolink - supplied walkie-talkie rentals & cellular rentals
Landmarc Support Services Limited - finding the location for the Land Rover chase sequence
Sapex Scripts - prepared spotting lists for the ‘various’ trailers