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Mon 23rd Aug 2021

This week's release from PGGB members, Sky has announced that Britannia series 3 will begin on Sky Atlantic  – and all eight episodes will be available straight away.


BRITANNIA (Series 3)
Amazon Studios

PGGB members:
Rupert Ryle-Hodges - Producer
Antonio Austoni – Production Manager
Fay Mohamed – Junior Production Manager
Avneet Chauhan – Assistant Coordinator  

(series 2)
Two Brothers Pictures

PGGB members:
Michael Fussell – Supervising Production Accountant
Sheila Price – Post Production Accountant
Marco Calabrese – Unit Production Manager (Hungary)
Anna Botka – Production Coordinator
Sean Browne – 1st Assistant Accountant 

PGGB partners:
Barking and Dagenham’s film office (film lbbd) - locations
Above The Line Set Assistance & Security - security
Landmarc Support Services Limited - locations
Mad Dog 2020 Casting - Supporting Artists
SetKeeper - production office software & services
The Production Copier Company - photocopiers 
Moving Picture Logistics Ltd - HGV & van drivers

THE WAY UP (series 2)
Merman – Channel 4

PGGB members:
Fabiana Canale – Production Accountant

PGGB partners:
SetKeeper - production office software & services
Centtrip – supplied multi-currency expense management and payment solutions
Digital Orchard Group - Curtis Ashley was the DIT 

WAR OF THE WORLDS (series 2)
Urban Myth Films

PGGB members:
Jennine Baker – Supervising Production Accountant  

PGGB partners:
SetKeeper - production office software & services
Panalux - serviced the production
Above The Line Set Assistance & Security - security services
Landmarc Support Services Limited - locations
Sapex Scripts - Transmission Dialogue scripts
Mission Digital - provided DIT and QTAKE Video Playback  

(Series 2)

Expectation Entertainment

PGGB company partners:
Media Insurance Brokers Limited - arranged the insurance
Moving Picture Logistics - vehicle movements


Roughcut Films

PGGB members:
Jane Hooks – Co-Producer
Alex Molden – Production Manager

PGGB partners
FilmFixer - Hounslow Film Office
POP - POP Production Portal, with Digital Timesheets. POP Casting Portal, with Chitless

Silver Salt Films

PGGB members:
Kate Eldridge – Post Production Accountant
Vaida Scepanoviene – Assistant Accounant

PGGB partners:
Tysers - Insurance

Sony Pictures

PGGB members:
Rebecca Daly – Finance Controller

SunnyMarch – 42 - Lionsgate

PGGB members:
Donald Sabourin – Co-producer
Claire Mitchell – Production Accountant
Dan Turner – Production Manager (Additional Photography)
Charlotte Wright – Supervising Location Manager (UK)
Georgette Turner – Location Manager
Michelle Mullen – Unit Production Manager
Adam Morris – 1st Assistant Director
Matt Longley – Assistant Accountant
Paul Pattison – Director’s Assistant

PGGB Partners:
Moving Picture Logistics Ltd - transport
FilmFixer - Southwark Film Office

Studiocanal – Blue Print Pictures – Netflix

PGGB members:
Scott Eaton – Production Manager
Andy New – Production Accountant
Tom Reed – Assistant Accountant

PGGB partners:
SetKeeper - production office software
On Set Tech / Cinelab London - Digital Dailies and Film Deliverables
FilmFixer - Lee Valley Film Office, Islington Film Office, Haringey Film Office, Camden Film Office and FilmFixer
Media Insurance Brokers Limited - insurance
Moving Picture Logistics Ltd - vehicles
Team Engine Limited - Digital Onboarding and Fit-to-work systems
POP - Casting Portal, with Chitless

Metalwork Pictures – Head Gear Films

PGGB members:
Lucy Drake – Financial Controller
Rachel Proudlove – Post Production Accountant

PGGB partners:
Gallagher Entertainment - insurance

Atlas Entertainment

PGGB members:
Nikolas Korda – Executive Producer/Unit Production Manager

Film 4 – Caravan Cinema.

PGGB members:
Paul M A Zieleniec – Production Accountant
Rhona Armstrong – Assistant Production Accountant

PGGB partners:
SetKeeper - production office software & services
The Production Copier Company - Continuity Dialogue Spotting List

PGGB members:

Michelle Wraight – Production Supervisor
David Zealey – Production Supervisor
Pamela Joyce – 2nd Unit Production Manager
Susan Parker – Production Manager (Budapest Unit)
Joshua Darby – Key Assistant Production Coordinator
Aneta Chalas – Production Coordinator
Charlotte Wright – Location Scout
Oliver Laurenson-Gore – Location Marshall
Jeroen Cocquyt – Production Assistant
Gabriel Lippe – Floor Runner (Lock off PA)
Jo Fox – Assistant to Executive Producer
Nathan Woods – Production Controller
Gareth Brock – Production Accountant
Mark Jackson – Construction Accountant
Veronica Barnett – Payroll Accountant
Nathan Luff – Payroll Accountant
Tom Boardman – Assistant Payroll Accountant
Sean Browne – Assistant Accountant
Mike Renton – Assistant Accountant
Owen Keys – 2nd Unit Assistant Accountant (Budapest Shoot)

PGGB partners:
Barking and Dagenham’s film office (film lbbd) - location support
Landmarc Support Services Limited - locations
MBS Equipment Co. - supplied lighting facilities
Panavision - serviced the production
DHL Entertainment Logistics - Shipping and Logistics
BCD Media & Entertainment - booked travel

F9 – (Fast and Furious 9)
Universal Pictures/One Race Films

PGGB members:
David Cain – Unit Production Manager
Yasmine Jade – Production Accountant
Dan Hands – Production Accountant
Andy Surry – 2nd Unit Production Manager
Ella Chaitow – Production Supervisor (Edinburgh)
Matt Blain – Location Accountant (Georgia)
Kimberly Franklin – Construction Accountant
James Mann – 1st Assistant Accountant
Jane Trower – Supervising Payroll Accountant
Lizzie Bull – Production Coordinator: 2nd Unit
Rebecca Ioannou – Production Coordinator: Georgia
Sheerin Khosrowshahi-Miandoab – Production Coordinator (Splinter Unit)
Carla Gamson – Assistant Accountant
Satu Sharp – Assistant Accountant
Fiona Whybrow – Assistant Accountant

PGGB partners:
Optivity - IT services
Moving Picture Logistics - vehicle movements
DHL Entertainment Logistics - logistics and shipping services
Audiolink - supplied walkie-talkie hire and cellular hire

Walt Disney Pictures

PGGB members:
Mark Moyston – Co Producer/Unit Production Manager
Seamus Devine – Financial Controller
Richard Henry – Production Accountant
Ali James – Supervising Location Manager
Zuzana Von Schilppe – Senior Payroll Accountant
Nicolas Von Schilppe – Assistant Accountant
Viketa Kamdar – Asssistant Accountant
Kerry Heanue – Assistant Accountant
Jessica Woodland – Location Coordinator (Pre Production)
Amie Tridgell – Location Scout
Nowrin Rahman – PG Accounts Trainee

PGGB company partners
MBSE - lighting studio and location
The Collective - location support
Audiolink - supplied walkie-talkie rentals and cellular rentals
FilmFixer - Southwark Film Office, Camden Film Office and Lambeth Film Office