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Artemis Fowl, & More

Fri 12th Jun 2020

In this week's new feature film release from Production Guild members, Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of Artemis Fowl - Eoin Colfer’s popular eight-book collection charting the adventures of a super-bright Irish boy through fairyland - is skipping the cinemas for a Disney+ release. 

Continuing in television is We Hunt Together and The First Team.


Walt Disney Pictures

PG members:
Matthew Jenkins – Executive Producer
Angus More Gordon – Executive Producer
James Richardson – Financial Controller
Tom Settle – Finance Controller
Nick Fulton – Production Manager (Vietnam)
Kelly Lee - Production Co-ordinator
Ella Chaitow – Production Co-ordinator (Vietnam)
Nick Laws – Unit Production Manager
Janine Modder – Unit Production Manager (Additional Photography)
Hayleigh Roberts – Assistant Production Co-ordinator
Ben Kozel – Assistant Production Co-ordinator
Bertie Spiegelburg – Production Supervisor
Charlie Hayes – Location Manager (Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland)
Chika Anisiobi – Production Accountant
Grant Wolstenholme – Production Accountant (Additional Photography)
Clair Hanson – 1st Assistant Accountant
Penny Reiffer- 1st Assistant Accountant (Post Production)
Mark Birtchnell – Payroll Accountant
Amanda Fernie – Payroll Accountant (Additional Photography)
Richard Priseman – Assistant Accountant
Nicola Ferdigoni – Location Scout (Italy)
Anne Cole – Greens Co-Ordinator/Buyer
Paul Pattison – Director’s Assistant (Additional Photography)
Tom Moore – Accounts Trainee 

PG company affiliates and buisness partners:
Moving Picture Logistics Limited - vehicles
TLO Film services - vehicles
Carrier Rental Systems (UK) Ltd - supplied the boilers
Kodak - shot on Kodak 35mm Film
DHL Entertainment Logistics - shipping and logistics


BBC Studios Productions

PG members
Michael Robbins – Line Producer
Nikki Chamberlain – Production Accountant
Tom Moore – 1st Assistant Accountant
Richard Taylor - 2nd Assistant Accountant (Accounts Payable)

PG company affiliates and business partners
The Production Copier Company - supplied the Production office and location/mobile copiers 
Artem - provided physical special effects including a burning car, bullet hit effects and smoke/atmospheric effects
FilmFixer - Lewisham Film Office, Islington Film Office, Haringey Film Office and Bromley Film Office.
Moving Picture Logistics - vehicles
Mad Dog 2020 - supplied supporting artists

BBC Studio Productions

PG members:
Suzette Thomas – Production Accountant

PG company affiliates and business partners
TLO Film Services - vehicles 
Team Engine - provided digital onboarding software 
Moving Picture Logistics - vehicles  
Tysers (formally Integro) - insurance