Working internationally

The Production Guild welcomes international partnerships to facilitate the exchange of information and new production opportunities, as well as to share creative insights across cultures and marketplaces.

Film Lights

The Production Guild have bi-lateral agreements with both the Producers Guild of America (PGA) and the Producers Guild of Italy (AGPCI), to encourage co-operation and support between the UK, the US and Italy. The purpose of these agreements is to further strengthen the international collaboration and future co-productions amongst these two countries through strategic information exchange and market comparison.

The agreements focus on creating relationships for information sharing and exchanging ideas in film and television production of mutual benefit to their respective members and industries. The guilds are also looking at facilitating official delegations to each other’s countries for instructive opportunities, offering key business facilities to their members and establishing mentoring programmes to allow members to intern with members of the other guilds.

These agreements mark the first step towards establishing closer working relationships between our respective international guilds to the mutual benefit of our work in supporting production personnel.

International partnerships underpin a huge amount of film and television production and are very much a part of the day-to-day business of our members.

The Production Guild aims to explore further opportunities internationally to enable us to share ideas and experience with more international partners.

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