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Clare Cahill

1st Assistant Director

Clare Cahill is an independent producer and educator.  She entered the film industry in 2009 as a mid-career change. Prior to that she had worked  as a Clerk of Courts, university tutor and  academic criminologist. Her research interests in criminology included the legal position of Somali/Horn of Africa immigrants in the Australian criminal justice system and research into the ways that gender identity is socially controlled, particularly for trans and intersex people.  

As an independent producer she has worked in development with early-career directors from diverse backgrounds to encourage a greater diversity in storytelling in the UK. In 2014 Clare was recruited to teach producing at the Bournemouth Film School (Arts University Bournemouth) and since 2016 she has been engaged as a Senior Lecturer. Clare is also a supervising producer for the National Youth Film Academy where she mentors young filmmakers aged between 16 and 29.  

Clare’s current research interests include increasing diversity in the film industry, building resilience in young film entrants and sensitive management of neurodiversity/mental health issues in film production.