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BTP Professional Bird & Pest Control

BTP has provided pest monitoring & control to Leavesden Studios and other major studios and productions since 2002. From keeping crews safe by protecting catering for pest-related issues, such as rodents, flies, and other public health risk issues. Wasps at craft service or butter beer kiosks. Also clothes moths in costume collections, mites in prop collections and flying hawks in stages to clear birds calling during takes and fouling sets. Humanely removing foxes that are fouling stages.

BTP is an approved Albert supplier for sustainable pest control and offset our Carbon through planting and habitat creation schemes.

We have worked at: Leavesden, Pinewood, Shepparton, Longcross, Sky Elstree, Elstree, Bovingdon, Cardington Hangers (1 & 2), Longcross, (both sides), Ealing, Shinfield, Winnersh, Omax, Stagg Brewery, Arbourfield, UX1 and Neasden, plus many locations.