Peterloo, The Nutcracker, Juliet, Naked - New releases from PG members

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Thu 1st Nov 2018

New releases

In this week's feature film release from Production Guild members, we see a brand new release from director Mike Leigh as he explores the 1819 massacre in which British forces attack peaceful protesters in Manchester; we visit a parallel world of mysterious realms and the search for a magical key; and we enjoy a rom-com about a woman who befriends a musician that her boyfriend is obsessed with.  This week's new feature film releases from PG members are Peterloo, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, and Juliet, Naked.

In television, The Little Drummer GirlDark Heart, The Bisexual, Trust, A Discovery of Witches continue.


Film4, BFI, Thin Man Films

PG members:
Rachel Proudlove - Production Accountant
Orla Sharpe - Production / Office Assistant
Tom Moore - PG APATS Trainee
Sean Browne - PG APATS Trainee

PG industry partners:
Integro - Insurance
Audiolink - Cellular and walkie-talkie rentals
Film Finances - Bond company
The Production Copier Company - Copier rentals
FilmFixer - Production support with Camden Film Office
Coutts - Banking services

Walt Disney Pictures

PG members:
Jeremy Johns - Co-Producer / Unit Production Manager
Hannah Godwin - Production Manager (Pre-Production)
Catriona Scott - Production Co-ordinator (Additional Photography)
Brigitte Ward-Holmes - Construction Buyer
Aurelia Thomas - Location Manager
Ross Monaghan - Unit Manager
Becky Maxwell - UK Production Accountant
Seamus Devine - UK Accountant
Kelly Johnson - 1st Assistant Accountant
Karen Birtchnell - Senior Payroll Accountant
Christie Barber - Assistant Payroll Accountant
Mark Birtchnell - 2nd Assistant Accountant
James Tointon - 2nd Assistant Accountant
Debbie Moseley - AP Supervisor (Reshoots)
Charlie Doult - Accounts Clerk

PG industry partners:
Pinewood MBS - Locations and studio lighting
DHL Entertainment Logistics - Logistics and shipping
BCD Travel - Travel and accommodation services
Landmarc Event Locations - Locations and set-builds

Los Angeles Media Fund

PG members:
Paul Sarony - Co-Producer
Adam Morris - 1st Assistant Director (Spliter Unit - Dailies)
Polly Hope - Production Manager
Ashton Radcliffe - Location Scout
Rebecca Wolfe - Financial Controller
Catherine Francis-Driscoll - 1st Assistant Accountant
Ana Stichini - Assistant Accountant

PG industry partners:
Above The Line - Security
Integro - Insurance
ARRI Rental - Camera equipment
Kent Film Office - Locations, traffic management, highways support
BEN - Brand integration
FilmFixer - Production support with Camden, Southwark, and Bromley Film Offices
Coutts - Financing and banking services


The Ink Factory

PG members:
Fiona Harper - Shipping Co-ordinator
Sophie Peacock - Travel and Accommodation Co-ordinator
Freya Pinsent - Financial Controller
Claire Kenny - Assistant Accountant
Karen Swinney - Assistant Accountant
Ross Monaghan - Assistant Location Manager (UK & GREECE)
Clare Finnegan - Unit Production Manager
Jade Robertson - Assistant Location Manager (Also Location Coordinator )
Ella Chaitow - Production Co-ordinator (Greece (Prep))
Sarah-Jane Wheale - Co-Producer
Laura Hastings-Smith – Producer

PG company affiliates and business partners
Coutts - Banking services
TLO  - vehicles 
FilmFixer - Islington Film Office, Haringey Film Office, Camden Film Office
Surrey Film Office - Location assistance
DHL Entertainment Logistics – Shipping and Logistic Services
Audiolink - supplied Cellular Rentals and Walkie-talkie Rentals
BlueBolt Ltd - VFX 
Gallagher Entertainment - Insurance

Silverprint Pictures

PG members:
Mick Pantaleo - 1st Assistant Director (First episode/pilot)

PG company affiliates and business partners:
Audiolink - supplied Cellular Rentals and Walkie-talkie Rentals
FilmFixer - Southwark Film Office, Haringey Film Office, Lambeth Film Office, Camden Film Office
TLO  - vehicles 
BEN - product placement

Sister Pictures

PG members:
Sairh Sheikh - Assistant Accountant
Justin Miller - Production Accountant

PG company affiliates and business partners:
Coutts - production funding and banking
Above the Line - security
Film Fixer - Harringey Film Office, Islington Film Office
TLO - vehicles 
BEN - production placement
TPH - accounting software and payroll

Cloud Eight Films

PG members
Matthew Longley - Cashier
Joanna Allsop - Payroll Accountant
Silvia Felce - Script Co-ordinator
Martin Parker - Senior Assistant Accountant
Adam Hughes - Production Co-ordinator
Amelia Southgate - Assistant Production Co-ordinator (3 weeks on Aberdeen Unit only )
Jessica Woodland - Assistant Production Co-ordinator
Caitlin Wilcox - Production Secretary

PG company affiliates and business partners:
AudioLink - supplied walkie-talkie rentals
Artem - models for sets
FilmFixer - Harringey Film Office, Camden Film Office
TPH Global - payroll services
Gallagher Entertainment - insurance

Bad Wolf

PG members:
Dee Gregson - Location Manager
Edward Rastelli-Lewis - Production Co-ordinator
Kathy Nettleship - Line Producer

PG company affiliates and business partners:
Audiolink - supplied walkie-talkie rentals
BEN - product placement
Setkeeper - watermarking & distribution software
Molinare - (Picture Post – Molinare, Colourist: Gareth Spensley)


Popular Films

PG members:
Nick Gorman - 1st Assistant Director
Benjamin Greenacre - Line Producer
Chris Curling – Producer
Crispin Buxton -Production Manager (UK)
Lara Sargent - Production Accountant

Millennium Films

PG members:
Zhenya Ivanova - Payroll Accountant
Viketa Kamdar - Accounts Payable
Francesca Budd - Assistant Production Co-ordinator
Christian Holden - Finance Controller
Claudia Cimmino - Production Co-ordinator
Suzie Shearer - Line Producer
Matthew O'Toole – Producer

Company affiliates and business partners
Above the Line – security
DHL Global Forwarding Entertainment Logistics – logistics and shipping services
BEN – product placement
Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden – shot at the studios
Pinewood MBS Lighting – lighting (Pinewood Studios shoot)

Working Title Films

PG members:
Claire Kenny - AP Supervisor
Tina Pisano - 1st Assistant Accountant
Sanjay Sharma - Production Executive
Martin Davis Redgrave - Assistant Production Co-ordinator (additional photography)
Josh Nixon - Key 1st Assistant Accountant
Maggie Murray - payroll accountant
Julian Murray - Finance Controller
Andrew Warren - Co-Producer
Samantha Black - Production Co-ordinator
Kate Seymour - Assistant Location Manager
Sara Desmond - Unit Production Manager
Tamlyn Samuels - Assistant Production Co-ordinator

PG company affiliates and business partners:
FilmFixer - Lambeth Film Office, Islington Film Office
BCD Travel - travel and accommodation
Sapex Scripts - provided the Combined Dialogue Continuity & Subtitle Spotting List
BlueBolt - sole VFX vendor
Audiolink - supplied the cellular rentals and walkie-talkie rentals
TLO Film Services - picture vehicle hire
Pinewood MBS Lighting - lighting studio and location
Panavision - supplied camera, lenses, grip and cranes 

Anonymous Content

PG members:
Paul M A Zieleniec - Assistant Accountant
Neil Cairns - Production Accountant
Jude Campbell - 1st Assistant Director
Mark Hedges - 1st Assistant Director
Rhona Armstrong - Assistant Production Accountant
Mark Cooper - Line Producer
Piers Tempest - Producer
Seamus Devine - Post Production Accountant

PG company affiliates and business partners:
Arri Rental - camera equipment 

Potboiler Productions, Pathé

PG members
Valeria Bullo - Production Executive
Anita Overland - Co-Producer
Nicola Morrow - Unit Production Manager
Lizzie Bull - Production Co-ordinator
Rachel Donkor - Financial Controller
Dominique Tucker - 1st Assistant Accountant
James Tointon - Cashier

PG company affiliates and business partners:
Above the Line Security - Security services
The Production Copier Company - Production Office, Art Dept, Location photocopiers
Audiolink - Walkie-talkie rentals
Sapex Scripts - Dialogue continuity, subtitle spotting list, disability access subtitles, and audio description

Warner Bros.

PG members:
Lisa-Kim Ling Kuan - Production Accountant
Josh Nixon - 1st Assistant Accountant
Michelle Pauly - 2nd Assistant Accountant (Singapore Office)
Kenneth Statham - Payroll Accountant
Ashton Radcliffe - Supervising Location Manager

Toledo Productions

PG members:
Alex Gavigan - 2nd Assistant Director (Crowd)
Sam Pickering - Assistant Unit Manager
Gisela Evert - Post Production Supervisor
Paul Tomlinson - Location Manager
Monique Mussell - Production Manager
Helen Fraser - 2nd Assistant Director
Neil Wallace - 1st Assistant Director

PG business partners and affiliates:
Pinewood Studios - shot at Pinewood Studios, original sound by Pinewood Audio Post team
Pinewood MBS Lighting - lighting
Integro Entertainment – production insurance
BEN - product placement
Molinare - full DI - colourist Gareth Spensley
FilmFixer - Southwark Film Office, Camden Film Office, Lewisham Film Office

Walt Disney Pictures

PG members:
David Cain - Unit Production Manager
Christie Barber - Payroll Accountant (Processing main CREW payroll)
Adam Morris - 1st Assistant Director (2nd Unit)
Catriona Scott - Production Co-ordinator (Additional Photography)
Jeremy Johns - Executive Producer/Unit Production Manager
Emma Pill - Supervising Location Manager
Seamus Devine - Financial Controller
Peter Drakeford - Payroll
Assistant (Christopher Robin Reshoot with Richard Henry Production Accountant )
Francesca Hunt - 1st Accountant
Tony Rice - Assistant Accountant (P-Cards)
Mark Birtchnell - 2nd Assistant Accountant
Nathan Luff - Accounts Assistant

PG company affiliates and business partners:
BCD Travel – travel and accommodation
DHL Entertainment Logistics – shipping and logistics
Kent Film Office – helped facilitate main location
Pinewood MBS Lighting – lighting
Pinewood Studios - shot at Pinewood and Shepperton Studios
FilmFixer - Southwark Film Office, Camden Film Office, Lewisham Film Office

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