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Venom: Let There be Carnage - new PGGB releases

Fri 15th Oct 2021

This week, the Marvel Universe unleashes carnage on the world as investigative reporter Eddie Brock fuses with an alien ‘symbiote’ and turns into the twin-identity monster -  Venom. Venom: Let There be Carnage is this week's new release from PGGB members.

Take a look at who has worked on this week's releases below:


Marvel Entertainment

PGGB members:
Angus More Gordon – Co-Producer
David Blank – Production Accountant
Deryn Stafford – Production Manager
Bertie Spiegelberg – Production Supervisor
Steve Mortimore – Supervising Location Manager
Miguel Munoz-Pariente – Production Accountant (2nd Unit)
Peter Mintram – Accounts Payable
Ellerby White – Accounts Payable (APATS Placement)
Sairh Sheikh – Construction Accountant
Elizabeth Perkins – Covid Co-ordinator (additional photography unit)
Ben Kozel – Production Co-ordinator
Caroline Levy – Line Producer (Additional Photography UK)
Christie Barber – Key Payroll Accountant/1st Assistant Accountant (Supervising Payroll Accountant September 2019 – March 2020)

PGGB partners:
Mission Digital - provided DIT services 
ARRI Rental - supplied camera equipment
DHL Entertainment Logistics - Shipping and Logistics 


BRITANNIA (Series 3)
Amazon Studios

PGGB members:
Rupert Ryle-Hodges - Producer
Antonio Austoni – Production Manager
Fay Mohamed – Junior Production Manager
Avneet Chauhan – Assistant Coordinator  

PGGB partners
SetKeeper - production office software & services

(series 2)
Two Brothers Pictures

PGGB members:
Michael Fussell – Supervising Production Accountant
Sheila Price – Post Production Accountant
Marco Calabrese – Unit Production Manager (Hungary)
Anna Botka – Production Coordinator
Sean Browne – 1st Assistant Accountant 

PGGB partners:
Barking and Dagenham’s film office (film lbbd) - locations
Above The Line Set Assistance & Security - security
Landmarc Support Services Limited - locations
Mad Dog 2020 Casting - Supporting Artists
SetKeeper - production office software & services
The Production Copier Company - photocopiers 
Moving Picture Logistics Ltd - HGV & van drivers


MGM / EON Productions

PGGB members:
Andrew Noakes – Co-Producer
Katherine Tibbetts – UPM
Mally Chung – Production Manager
Mara Bryan – VFX Producer
Charlie Hayes – Location Manager
Ashton Radcliffe – Location Scout
Josh Nixon – Cost Accountant
Samuel Sharpe – Production Supervisor
Richard George – Location Scout
Jeremy Pelzer – Location Consultant
Sofia Guiotto – Shipping Co-ordinator (6 weeks cover)
Mike Shoard – Accounts Trainee
Matt Jones – Production Manager (UK Production Manager Italy)
Mark Beaumont (Location Accountant (Jamaica & Italy)
Sandy Reinhardt – Transport Coordinator
Andrew Hammond – Dailies Payroll Accountant
Lucy Barron – Assistant Accountant
Sky Kraigher – Accounts Trainee
Sarah Stiff - 1st Assistant Accountant
Philip Lobban – Location Scout
Penny Udall – Assistant Accountant
Maggie Murray – Payroll Accountant
Matt Clarke – Location Manager (Jamaica)

PGGB Partners:
BCD Media & Entertainment - travel
Cinelab Film & Video - film processing on 65mm & 35mm daily rushes. 1,8 million feet of film was processed in total.
Kodak - shot on Kodak 65mm and 35mm film.
FilmFixer - Lambeth Film Office, Camden Film Office
Media Insurance Brokers Limited - arranged insurances
DHL Entertainment Logistics – shipping and logistics
Team Engine - Digital Onboarding and Timecard
Panavision - camera
MBS Equipment - co provided the lighting and electrical equipment
Audiolink - supplied walkie-talkie rentals & cellular rentals
Landmarc Support Services Limited - finding the location for the Land Rover chase sequence
Sapex Scripts - prepared spotting lists for the ‘various’ trailers