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Online Training from Sargent-Disc - Low Carbon Production Office Applications

Thu 7th May 2020

Sargent-Disc is running a month of online training sessions to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and the signing of the 2016 Paris Climate Agreement on 22 April 2016. In these times both Digital Production Office® applications CrewStart™ and Digital Purchase Order make it easy to work from home whilst also reducing the use of carbon on production and saving time. Book a place on the last two sessions running next week by clicking on the links.

CrewStart™ - Onboarding and Contracting: Wednesday 13 May at 15.00
Digital Purchase Order – Users and Approvers: Wednesday 13 May at 16.00

Wednesday 13 May at 15.00
CrewStart – Timesheets and Hot Costs

You will learn how to:

o Use daily time reports to log crew times and view daily hot costs

o Pact-Bectu Agreement compatible for both film and TV

o Batch generate crew timesheets each week for distribution and electronic signature

o Batch approve timesheets on behalf of the production

o Prepare your weekly SD payroll spreadsheet at the click of a button

To book to join the session click here

Wednesday 13 May at 16.00
Digital Purchase Order – Administrators

You will learn how to:

o Set up the invoice and address details for your DPO book

o Set up approval levels, including setting departmental restrictions, currency thresholds and special flag criteria

o Modify already existing and in use approval chains

o Invite users and manage their privileges, including visibility, approval and coding of POs

o Manage your currencies, including setting customised budget rates

o Manage reporting of POs including accounts office notifications and excel logs

o Manage your chart of accounts

To book to join the session click here