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Cinelab London Install Second DFT HDR Scanity

Fri 1st May 2020

Cinelab London are proud to announce the installation of its second DFT HDR Scanity, which has a full complement of gates for 8, 16 and 35mm motion picture film stock and scanning capabilities at up to 4K 16-bit. Cinelab London own and operate the widest range of film scanners available including the pin-registered 6K Arriscan, optically stabilised 4K Scanity and industry-standard Spirit scanners.

Scanity HDR is the preferred solution for major studio productions where a scan once approach is necessary. For film archives, it provides unprecedented throughput coupled with optical stabilisation to ensure excellent results.

The new Scanity is commissioned and operational and will bring many added benefits to all clients:

● Greater throughput capacity for across all projects.

● Unrivalled capacity for high daily volume for feature filmmakers

● Cost effective high speed scanning (up to 5 x real time) for filmmakers and archivists that require a lower resolution ‘visual audit’ of their libraries, prior to selecting specific reels for higher quality capture.

● The Super 16 and Super 8 gates give the ability to over scan the image by 25% -providing a view of the full film frame including edge of sprockets. This has has become an increasing trend in commercials and music promos.

● For archive clients, automated QC of content using Joanneum Research Vidcert can create highly detailed reports on film condition and artefacts scanned.

Adrian Bull, CEO, Cinelab London comments: “At the peak period in 2019, Cinelab London scanned over 1.1 million feet of film in three months - an unprecedented amount. This second Scanity machine will allow us to answer the growing demand for scanning and archive services at an unrivalled level. It has always been our goal to provide an all-encompassing facility for those filmmakers who were continuing to shoot film or restore it.

Currently, following government safety advice, all physical media delivered to Cinelab London is quarantined for 72 hours before work begins.

Adrian adds: “This is such a challenging time for everyone, we are open and operational currently. All staff working at the facility are following government safety guidelines and social distancing measures and we are providing a full range of processing and scanning options and digital services. Our digital post production services can be deployed remotely, and our experienced team have the capability to continue providing these services from the safety and security of their own homes, connecting securely with clients who are most likely currently also working in the safety of their own homes”.