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CineArk Kit Room Pipeline Scheme

Fri 3rd Feb 2023

As a leading provider of DIT, Video Assist and RF solutions CineArk has turned its focus to addressing the UK film industry skills shortage by helping train and nurture the next generation of talent through its Kit Room Pipeline; a 2 year training programme which now boasts 3 graduates who are successfully working as freelancers on a host of major film and TV productions.

Designed to provide a platform for new entrants to the industry within a supportive training environment, CineArk’s Kit Room Pipeline allows participants to be paid to learn by specialising in departments such as Video, DIT, RF, networking and comms.     The program teaches trainees how to troubleshoot and provide technical liaison and support for CineArk’s operators out on set, whilst also supervising the checking in and out of equipment, asset and inventory control.  The final year sees trainees take on paid placements on set for 1 – 2 weeks at a time, after which they are ready to join the industry as freelancers.

Dan Hartley, Strategic Director at CineArk is proud of how successful this important training initiative has proved to be “We wanted to do our bit to help address the skills shortage within the film industry whilst also fulfilling our needs as a company by providing cutting-edge equipment and support.”

Alex Charlesworth, now a DIT Assistant was an early graduate of CineArk’s training scheme and now works as a freelancer on set. “Fast and effective problem-solving is what makes someone good at their job on set and daily problem-solving at CineArk taught me how to find creative solutions. That knowledge and insight has been invaluable to me.” 

Kieran Toman, another summer 2022 graduate of the CineArk Kit Room Pipeline also praised CineArk for the opportunities the scheme afforded him:“The Kit Room Pipeline has been an incredible initiative that has given me a thorough understanding of highly specialised film equipment whilst building my professional network and providing a springboard to my current role as a freelance DIT assistant on studio films and high-end television.”

CineArk has eight graduates at various stages of progression and will be hiring two more trainees in the coming weeks.