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New releases

The Courier, & More

Fri 13th Aug 2021

This week's releases from PGGB members includes The Courier, which follows the story of Greville Wynne, who in the 1960s smuggled secrets from Moscow to London for MI6 using his business trips as cover. Don't breathe 2 is also out on release - an American thriller directed by Rodo Sayagues in his directorial debut, from a screenplay he co-wrote with Fede Álvarez.


Sony Pictures

PGGB members:
Rebecca Daly – Finance Controller

SunnyMarch – 42 - Lionsgate

PGGB members:
Donald Sabourin – Co-producer
Claire Mitchell – Production Accountant
Dan Turner – Production Manager (Additional Photography)
Charlotte Wright – Supervising Location Manager (UK)
Georgette Turner – Location Manager
Michelle Mullen – Unit Production Manager
Adam Morris – 1st Assistant Director
Matt Longley – Assistant Accountant
Paul Pattison – Director’s Assistant

PGGB Partners:
Moving Picture Logistics Ltd - transport
FilmFixer - Southwark Film Office


BAPTISTE (series 2)
Two Brothers Pictures

PGGB members:
Michael Fussell – Supervising Production Accountant
Sheila Price – Post Production Accountant
Marco Calabrese – Unit Production Manager (Hungary)
Anna Botka – Production Coordinator
Sean Browne – 1st Assistant Accountant 

PGGB partners:
Barking and Dagenham’s film office (film lbbd) - locations
Above The Line Set Assistance & Security - security
Landmarc Support Services Limited - locations
Mad Dog 2020 Casting - Supporting Artists
SetKeeper - production office software & services
The Production Copier Company - photocopiers 
Moving Picture Logistics Ltd - HGV & van drivers

THE WAY UP (series 2)
Merman – Channel 4

PGGB members:
Fabiana Canale – Production Accountant

PGGB partners:
SetKeeper - production office software & services
Centtrip – supplied multi-currency expense management and payment solutions
Digital Orchard Group - Curtis Ashley was the DIT 

WAR OF THE WORLDS (series 2)
Urban Myth Films

PGGB members:
Jennine Baker – Supervising Production Accountant  

PGGB partners:
SetKeeper - production office software & services
Panalux - serviced the production
Above The Line Set Assistance & Security - security services
Landmarc Support Services Limited - locations
Sapex Scripts - Transmission Dialogue scripts
Mission Digital - provided DIT and QTAKE Video Playback  

(Series 2)

Expectation Entertainment

PGGB company partners:
Media Insurance Brokers Limited - arranged the insurance
Moving Picture Logistics - vehicle movements


Studiocanal – Blue Print Pictures – Netflix

PGGB members:
Scott Eaton – Production Manager
Andy New – Production Accountant
Tom Reed – Assistant Accountant

PGGB partners:
SetKeeper - production office software
On Set Tech / Cinelab London - Digital Dailies and Film Deliverables
FilmFixer - Lee Valley Film Office, Islington Film Office, Haringey Film Office, Camden Film Office and FilmFixer
Media Insurance Brokers Limited - insurance
Moving Picture Logistics Ltd - vehicles
Team Engine Limited - Digital Onboarding and Fit-to-work systems
POP - Casting Portal, with Chitless

Metalwork Pictures – Head Gear Films

PGGB members:
Lucy Drake – Financial Controller
Rachel Proudlove – Post Production Accountant

PGGB partners:
Gallagher Entertainment - insurance

Atlas Entertainment

PGGB members:
Nikolas Korda – Executive Producer/Unit Production Manager

Film 4 – Caravan Cinema.

PGGB members:
Paul M A Zieleniec – Production Accountant
Rhona Armstrong – Assistant Production Accountant

PGGB partners:
SetKeeper - production office software & services
The Production Copier Company - Continuity Dialogue Spotting List

PGGB members:

Michelle Wraight – Production Supervisor
David Zealey – Production Supervisor
Pamela Joyce – 2nd Unit Production Manager
Susan Parker – Production Manager (Budapest Unit)
Joshua Darby – Key Assistant Production Coordinator
Aneta Chalas – Production Coordinator
Charlotte Wright – Location Scout
Oliver Laurenson-Gore – Location Marshall
Jeroen Cocquyt – Production Assistant
Gabriel Lippe – Floor Runner (Lock off PA)
Jo Fox – Assistant to Executive Producer
Nathan Woods – Production Controller
Gareth Brock – Production Accountant
Mark Jackson – Construction Accountant
Veronica Barnett – Payroll Accountant
Nathan Luff – Payroll Accountant
Tom Boardman – Assistant Payroll Accountant
Sean Browne – Assistant Accountant
Mike Renton – Assistant Accountant
Owen Keys – 2nd Unit Assistant Accountant (Budapest Shoot)

PGGB partners:
Barking and Dagenham’s film office (film lbbd) - location support
Landmarc Support Services Limited - locations
MBS Equipment Co. - supplied lighting facilities
Panavision - serviced the production
DHL Entertainment Logistics - Shipping and Logistics
BCD Media & Entertainment - booked travel

F9 – (Fast and Furious 9)
Universal Pictures/One Race Films

PGGB members:
David Cain – Unit Production Manager
Yasmine Jade – Production Accountant
Dan Hands – Production Accountant
Andy Surry – 2nd Unit Production Manager
Ella Chaitow – Production Supervisor (Edinburgh)
Matt Blain – Location Accountant (Georgia)
Kimberly Franklin – Construction Accountant
James Mann – 1st Assistant Accountant
Jane Trower – Supervising Payroll Accountant
Lizzie Bull – Production Coordinator: 2nd Unit
Rebecca Ioannou – Production Coordinator: Georgia
Sheerin Khosrowshahi-Miandoab – Production Coordinator (Splinter Unit)
Carla Gamson – Assistant Accountant
Satu Sharp – Assistant Accountant
Fiona Whybrow – Assistant Accountant

PGGB partners:
Optivity - IT services
Moving Picture Logistics - vehicle movements
DHL Entertainment Logistics - logistics and shipping services
Audiolink - supplied walkie-talkie hire and cellular hire

Walt Disney Pictures

PGGB members:
Mark Moyston – Co Producer/Unit Production Manager
Seamus Devine – Financial Controller
Richard Henry – Production Accountant
Ali James – Supervising Location Manager
Zuzana Von Schilppe – Senior Payroll Accountant
Nicolas Von Schilppe – Assistant Accountant
Viketa Kamdar – Asssistant Accountant
Kerry Heanue – Assistant Accountant
Jessica Woodland – Location Coordinator (Pre Production)
Amie Tridgell – Location Scout
Nowrin Rahman – PG Accounts Trainee

PGGB company partners
MBSE - lighting studio and location
The Collective - location support
Audiolink - supplied walkie-talkie rentals and cellular rentals
FilmFixer - Southwark Film Office, Camden Film Office and Lambeth Film Office