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Green Eyes Productions Ltd.

"Sustainability Consultancy for the Film, TV and Entertainment Sector"


“If climate isn't in your story, it's science fiction.”  

-Dorothy Fortenberry (writer-producer of The Handmaid’s Tale).


Whether your script mentions sustainability or not, producing your story has a carbon impact, therefore she was right in more ways than one, because climate is in EVERY STORY. We are filmmakers ourselves, as well as sustainability consultants, and so we are here to help you with everything sustainability related in the entertainment sector.  

We look at a project’s full life cycle, from script stage, through pre-, production, post- , all the way to the final windows of festival, sales and distribution. We strive to accomplish the sustainability goals of your company, in a way that best suits your particular needs and workflows, in order to create a liveable world for everyone.

Our motto is: 'livable sustainability'. We will assess your project, and help you devise a bespoke, effective plan on how to be more carbon neutral. We provide a calculation and a detailed report at the end of each project. We deploy trained sustainability runners and coordinators to supervise the shows and enable crew to pick up the pace and understand why we do what we do.  We provide all signage and communicational materials and regular data collection for the production to keep track of the progress, as well as compliance when it comes to pre-existing sustainability guidelines such as PEACH/PEAR or Albert.  

We are constantly on the lookout for new, innovative technologies, partners to work with (so do get in touch!). Our goal is to find solutions that work for everyone - the film crew, the producers, the financiers and Earth. We pay attention to the economical restraints, consider the local differences in each territory and strive to build a balanced strategy that aids the production flow.

Our mission and goal as environmental professionals is ‘PEOPLE, PLANET, PROFIT’. We love what we do and strive to bring this passion and enthusiasm with us, wherever we go.


Focus Areas:  

1. Green Policy: Sustainability reporting in the EU is fast becoming the norm. All industry players have to report on their sustainability credentials. But numbers are not enough. You have to show a trajectory of how you are planning to improve, move forward and attain targets. Let us assist you in developing comprehensive green policies that align with your production's values and goals!

2. Script Consulting Service: The biggest impact you can ever have is at script stage, we are keen to provide a professional script analyst service looking at scripts from a ‘behind the screen’ and ‘on the screen’ perspective. As Dorothy Fortenbery says: “If climate isn't in your story, it's science fiction”.  

3. Sustainability Consulting: You don’t know where to start, what to focus on, how to enroll your crew or which battles to pick? We will have a bespoke strategy tailor fitted to your needs, whether it is a film set, commercial, a music festival or else.  

4. Sustainability Reporting:  Gain valuable insights into your sustainability efforts through customised sustainability reports that highlight achievements and areas for improvement for future productions. Understand your production's carbon footprint with our carbon calculation services (you choose the calculator!) and inset or offset the amount, the best you see fit.  

5. Sustainability on Set: We have a holistic approach to productions, we look at a project from pre-production to post-production, to identify opportunities for sustainability improvements, resource efficiency, and waste reduction, ensuring a more environmentally responsible and economically viable project.

6. Communication: You don’t have time to create striking communicational materials on each project? We provide you with a bespoke kit, ready to hit the press button.  

7. Energy Audit & Management: An energy audit in production is a comprehensive pre-assessment of estimated energy consumption of all departments (camera, light, location, unit etc.). This step is crucial in identifying opportunities for reducing energy usage and adopting sustainable practices. Energy is not just costly, but it is the Nr. 1. biggest contributor to all production’s carbon footprint.  

8. Education: We believe that education and spreading the word is the basis of everything we do. Henceforth we attend festivals, events and teach as guest speakers at university courses. Reach out to us if this is something you would like to talk about.

9. Sustainability Training: Equip your team with the knowledge and tools needed to incorporate sustainability into your daily operations through our specialised training. We provide training for executive level, crews, production staff and other industry players.  

10. Waste Management: Our comprehensive waste management services help your production reduce its overall carbon footprint. We supervise the flow of communication with crew and suppliers on how best to implement recycling, and responsible disposal practices, ensuring that your project remains environmentally conscious from start to finish.

11. Audited Green Vendor List: We curate an exclusive green vendor list for your production, rigorously auditing and selecting regional sustainable suppliers who align with eco-friendly principles, enabling you to make environmentally responsible choices.