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4Wood Film & TV Services

4Wood TV and Film ltd. is one of the leading creators of sets in the UK. As specialists in film and high-end TV (HETV) their credits include the multi-award winning His Dark Materials, the critically acclaimed Industry, Netflix’s Sex Education and long-running mega hit Dr Who. Alongside the feature films Dream Horse, starring Damian Lewis & Toni Collette, and Netflix’s forthcoming Havoc

Established in 2005, 4Wood are experts in the construction of high-quality scenery, using the latest technology, skills and techniques to create even the most ambitious sets. Their work spans running a full construction department on a high budget feature film through to the realisation of a one-off item which requires their specialist skillset and capabilities. 

The 4Wood team pride themselves on bringing art director’s and designer’s visions to fruition.  A construction manager oversees every detail of the process to bring to life a design on budget, on time and to the highest standards of health and safety and compliance.

It’s all achieved within their 30,000 sq. ft. facility, based in the heart of Cardiff’s thriving creative community. Their bustling workshop includes the full spectrum of specialisms including metal work, carpentry, scenic painters, resin and foam moulding and a robotic artist. Each member of the team are masters in their trade.

From their home in Cardiff 4Wood can transport sets to complete the final phase of construction on soundstages and locations all over the UK and beyond. 



Set construction services include:

  • Metal fabrication
  • Carpentry 
  • Scenic artistry
  • Sculpting, resin and foam moulding
  • CNC
  • Robotic artist
  • Quoting and consultancy
  • Design support
  • Logistics
  • Set storage