Our Guide to Flexible Working and Job Sharing

We have become aware recently that there are increasing numbers of PGGB members (and non-members) who are choosing not to work in production, because taking on a job is likely to involve very long hours.

We know that production levels are high, and that some members have not taken breaks for long periods of time.

However, we do not want to see our members, who are highly skilled and experienced, feeling they need to walk away from production because of the long hours, which may seem incompatible with life outside of production, including the demands of family life.

There are a growing number of examples of crew working in part time roles, and job sharing a full-time role, in feature film and HETV.

Not every production will be able to accommodate part time roles or job sharing, but we would like to encourage PG members to think about it as a possibility, whether crewing up or considering a role.

If you are considering asking to job share, the advice from PG would be to try and have as many of the solutions you can, ready to present, eg:

  • have the person that you trust and could job share with lined up if possible;
  • have the split of the hours / days that you would like to work with your job sharer planned;
  • be prepared to think about systems that you would have in place to make it work (including possibly being contactable when not working)
  • Try to be as flexible and plan as far forward as possible


If you are interested in working part time, you are able to show this on your profile on our availability service.

If you have been working in a part time role or job sharing, please let us know, as the more examples PGGB has about what works the better.