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Ben Greenacre

Line Producer

Most recently Ben was the Co-Producer on ‘Bad Apples’ (Pulse) in Bristol, Producer on ‘The Lazarus Project Series 2’ (Sky) in Wales and ‘Tom Jones’ (PBS/ITV) in Belfast.  He was the Line Producer on ‘The Outlaws’ and ‘Pale Horse’ (both BBC/Amazon), ‘The Trial of Christine Keeler’ (BBC) and Fortitude (Sky Atlantic), all of which were shot in his home town of Bristol where he now lives.

Ben has been a Producer, Co-Producer & Line Producer for over a decade after working in the industry in various guises for twenty years before that on a wide range of projects, from the scale and ambition of ‘The Holiday’ and ‘Age of Ultron’ to, well, ‘Fat Slags: The Movie’ and ‘Spice Girls: The Movie’ – and everything between those extremes.

Ben is an enthusiastic advocate of drama production here in Bristol and the South West – and not just because he lives there: it really is the best place in the country to produce a TV show or a film.

Ben is a member of the Royal Television Society - West of England Committee and Vice Chair of the Production Guild GB - Bristol & SW Committee, as well as being a member of BAFTA.