Training Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions


We understand the nature of the industry and the freelance world; however, we are also a non-profit making organization and we have heavily subsidized our short courses therefore anyone cancelling at a late date will mean we are running at a loss and therefore jeopardise the future of the PG training courses.

As we run a wait list on all training courses we may sometimes be able to fill a cancelled place, in such cases we will fully refund (less a £10 admin fee) your payment. Should this not be possible our cancellation policy is as follows: -

• Cancelling 16 + working days or over – Full refund (less £10 admin fee)

• Cancelling 11-15 working days – 50% refund

• Cancelling 0-10 working days – no refund

Subsidies / Grant

If you are in receipt of a subsidy this is an arrangement strictly between yourself and your funding source. Whilst we are happy to provide confirmation of course booking or any other material required by the funder, the responsibility of payment lies with you.

The Production Guild reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course if deemed necessary or to change course tutors provided a suitable replacement of similar qualification and / or standing within the industry is found. 

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