Sat 13th 9:30am - Sat 27th Mar 2021 11am

Saturday 13th and Saturday 27th March 2021

Each session will run from 9.30 to 11am

PG Members: £80 + booking fee + VAT
Non-members: £100 + booking fee + VAT

In response to the current mental health crisis in the production community, The Production Guild has partnered with mental health company, Solas Mind, commission a new two-part certificate course for the industry: 'Supporting Mental Health'. 

This two part workshop will increase awareness and understanding around mental health and will help individuals to recognise the signs and offer support to people suffering from mental distress in the workplace and in the community.

'This course is an ideal starting point if you are interested in mental health, both for your personal and professional life. Very informative with lots of helpful tips that I look forward to using soon.' Silvia Felce

The Production Guild Supporting Mental Health Certificate Course

Session 1: Mental Health Awareness

The workshop will cover:
• what is mental health
• what is a mentally healthy workplace
• tips for creating a supportive environment
• what influences mental health
• the stress and vulnerability model
• recognising the signs someone is struggling
• listening and supporting
• safeguarding
• Q and A

Session 2: Where Are We Now?

The workshop will look at:
• where we are now in terms of the Coronavirus both as individuals and as a community
• the universal sense of loss
• the grief process
• how individuals can support their own self care and build resilience
• reflections

This PG Certificate course aims to :
• increase knowledge and empathy in relation to mental health and wellbeing
• give individuals the ability to identify the key signs of distress and offer support
• improve confidence in dealing with mental health issues
• embed positive self-care practices
• reduce stigma and discrimination
• connect individuals and create supportive social circles

The PG recognises the need to embed a positive wellbeing framework within the industry and hopes that by increasing individual knowledge and awareness this will eventually lead to an improvement in workplace practices and greater support for those struggling with their mental health.


This workshop has been designed by Sarah McCaffrey, who has combined her experience of working in film and media and as a qualified psychotherapist (MBACP) and Suicide First Aid trainer to create Solas Mind; offering mental health advice and support in the film and TV industry.

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