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Are you ready to step into production management? Pick and mix courses to suit your professional training needs. You can book the full course (including all weekends and evenings which gives you a big overall saving) or pick and mix separate modules below:


Full course fee for Members of the Production Guild: £1200 + VAT 
Full course fee for non-Members of the Production Guild: £1400 + VAT 

You can book individual weekends and evening sessions or a combination of your choice below

Time: 09:30 to 05:30 Daily

Weekend 1

Saturday 27 April
Introduction to Production Management
The business of Film and HETV production including company formation, interparty and sales agreements the UK tax credit and income routes.

Sunday 28 April
Initial Scheduling using Movie Magic Scheduling
Managing script review meetings with the producer and director. Analyzing scripts to secure key details prior to scheduling. Scheduling a short film project.

Weekend 2

Saturday 11 May
Advanced Scheduling using Movie Magic Scheduling
Advanced script data analysis. Overview of the differences between scheduling film and TV series and outputtin g the schedule.

Sunday 12 May

Initial Budgeting
Introduction to MMB budgeting including analysis of the schedule in preparation for budgeting. Using globals, groups, fringes and currency

Weekend 3

Saturday 1st June
Advanced Budgeting
Using Movie Magic to create a detailed professional budget.

Sunday 2nd June
Tracking Costs and Cost Reports
Purchase orders. Understanding and analyzing cost reports.


Time: 18:00 to 21:00 Each Evening

Evening Session 1

Organising the Production Office Work Space – Tuesday 30 April
Setting up, organising and resourcing the production office. Creating system and practices to ensure excellent communication, tracking and team work.

Evening Session 2

Union Agreements and their Impact - Thursday 21 May
The impact of PACT-BECTU and PACT-EQUITY agreements on working hours, contracts, schedules and budgets.

Evening Session 3

Contracting Cast and Crew – Tuesday 14 May
Contracting Cast and Crew Contracting cast and crew including an introduction to the various software packages available to automate and streamline the crewing up process

Evening Session 4

Production Insurance – Thursday 16 May
An explanation of the various types of production insurance requirements. How to obtain the best quotes and handling insurance claims.

Evening Session 5

Post-production and Deliverables -Tuesday 4 June.
Production managing during post-production including the cost-effective production of deliverables for HETV and feature films.

Evening Session 6

Personal Effectiveness, Leadership and Management – Thursday 6 June.
Managing relationships with senior and junior colleagues and best practice when confronted with difficult behavior and situations.

Assistance with paying for your training

Freelancers may be eligible for a training bursary and should contact ScreenSkills for further details to make a formal application. 

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