Fri 26th Jul 2019 10:53am

Move up to 2nd Assistant Director

This training will ensure you:

  • are guided and mentored by respected and established colleagues working in feature film
  • gain a better understanding of scheduling and the implications that has on the production process
  • share knowledge, experience and concerns with colleagues and peers
  • examine how professional practices are done and understood in other countries and film cultures
  • further your awareness of human resources management
  • gain a deeper understanding of Health and Safety legislation;
  • become more aware of what can be achieved with vfx and post production
  • benefit from an immediate and long-term support network from The Production Guild .
  • are conversant with Movie Magic, using the latest software and the principles of scheduling

2nd Assistant Directors need to be equipped to understand the necessary approach to take in what is a sensitive position, given that they are often torn between the needs of the cast and their direction and the requests of the production. This training will ensure that you are better placed to serve all parties, as well as maintaining a safe environment for both cast and crew.

Find out more about the role of the 2nd Assistant Director here

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