Lights, Camera, Accounting

If you’re good with numbers and people then a career as a Production Accountant in TV and film could be waiting for you. The film and TV drama industry is looking for more people to train and work their way up through the accounts department to become Production Accountants and Financial Controllers.


Stream your accounting career into film and TV with our groundbreaking Netflix training scheme. Trainees have four weeks of classroom training after which they are placed on a Netflix production.

Close Up with Kelly Phillips, Finance Executive - Netflix

About Production Accounting

Production Accountants are responsible for managing and maintaining the finances and records for film or TV productions. It’s a collaborative role and you’ll be working closely with Producers, Assistant Directors and Heads of Departments.

"Being involved at the very beginning of the production process, in development when the script and budget are still being worked on, crunching numbers and working with the producers regarding what is achievable within the budget, makes the role what it is. I really enjoy the level of involvement you get from the outset, working with pretty much the entire crew across different departments and grades." 

Dan Hillsdon, Financial Controller - Wonder Woman 2, Overlord, Ready Player One, The Danish Girl

Close Up with Nathan Woods, Production Accountant

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This online guide covers every aspect of production accounting, from pre-production and forecasting, through to taxation, filming overseas and payroll.

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