Keep up with our comprehensive production database

As a member you will have access through our website to all UK film and television productions in prep and development, detailing locations, production management and members associated with the production, locations, shooting dates and production companies.

This database helps you to monitor what productions are crewing up and our members that are associated with the production.

Once the production has finished and the film or TV drama has been released, we create an online 'new release' story that is emailed to all our members and affiliates, promoting the production and the members who worked on it. If you have worked on the production your details are in the 'new release' story with a link through to your profile page in the member's area.

You can see an example of these new release stories below.

New releases from PGGB Members

Read about the latest new releases and see what Production Guild members have been working on. You can also see the business partners and affiliate companies that have worked on these productions. 

A Private War - new releases from PG members

In this week's feature film releases from PG members, celebrated war correspondent Marie Colvin chases down the human stories at the centre of some of recent history’s deadliest conflicts. Meanwhile, the classic Arthurian legend is updated…

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All is True - new release from PG members

In this week's feature film release from Production Guild members, Kenneth Branagh delivers a heartfelt ode to William Shakespeare. The fictionalised account of the Bard's later years explores his existential crisis as he returns to Stratford. The…

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Pure - new release from PG members

In the latest television release from PG members, twenty-four year old Marnie has XXX-rated and intrusive thoughts all the time and she can’t tell anyone. It turns out she’s actually caught in the grip of an excruciating type…

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