The Plum Guide collates the world’s most remarkable private homes, villas, and serviced residences – putting them through a rigorous test before deciding if they’re worthy of being on the platform; an achievement only 1 in 100 homes accomplishes. The Plum Guide offers accommodations that are ideal for Entertainment clients and we often work with a multitude of Productions in providing the ideal solution for Above-the-line Talent, Directors, Producers, Cast, and Crew. Plum residences offer the space, comfort, and privacy unique to our brand.

The internet is awash with millions of places to book, and millions of opinions, and yet no one seems to really know what they are booking.

The Plum Guide’s critics visit every great home in every great location in person, and judge it obsessively down to the detail to create the one comprehensive list of the world’s most stylish and excellent stays. Every week, our in-house Selection Committee reviews the reports from every home test and debates which homes should be added to the Plum Guide collection.

Hosts who don’t make the cut are given detailed feedback. Just 1% meets our standards and is awarded official Plum Guide certification.

We currently have approximately 8,000 homes in London, NYC, Paris, Rome, Los Angeles, Milan, Barcelona, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Berlin,

Madrid and Tel Aviv. Please contact Patrick Michaels for all

accommodation requests and he and the Partnerships team will ensure options are sent quickly and efficiently. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.