Piece of Cake Casting is renowned as the top choice in the industry for sourcing exceptional supporting artists & talent for major feature films, TV series, music videos, and commercials throughout the UK. 


Our Casting Books overflow with a diverse pool of dependable and skilled talent hailing from every corner of the country. Matching the ideal performers to each character on set is our pride, and our seasoned team possesses extensive expertise to support this endeavour.


Piece of Cake Casting offer a state-of-the-art, paperless Chitless system. This system not only embraces environmental friendliness but also operates with remarkable efficiency. Artists can conveniently affix their digital signatures to contracts, NDAs, and Terms and Conditions, bidding farewell to bothersome paperwork. Moreover, our chit accurately calculates payment rates, encompassing early call times and overtime. And let us assure you, customisation is our forte—we cover National, International, and Custom rates!


Once the shooting day concludes, our system automatically generates a comprehensive AD (Assistant Director) report, equipping you with all the necessary information to finalise your accounting and budgets. These reports are available in both PDF and Excel formats, significantly simplifying your life.


With our adept team and user-friendly digital system, we are poised to tackle any production challenge you throw our way.