Thanks to our meticulous selection of background actors and amazing casting technology GBM Casting can offer all productions the GBM Casting Offer!


What is the Offer?

Seamless Collaboration - GBM Casting can seamlessly sync with your production team: Directors, Producers, Accountants and Production Management to bring your vision to life using the most up to date production tech wegotpop.

We are part of the Entertainment Partners and the only casting company in Scotland to offer this.


Extensive Talent Database - Tap into our extensive talent pool, meticulously cataloged with details on availability, skills, and unique looks.

Send us your brief and through our search function we can find exactly who, what and in local locations you need.


Creative Problem-Solving - Challenges are opportunities in disguise! We navigate any hiccups with finesse, keeping your production on track and stress-free.

We understand that the only constant in filming is change.


Compliance Wizards - We handle all legal and industry standards, ensuring permissions and releases are in place for a worry-free production.

To easily manage release forms we use Docs Sign sending them out in bulk in advance of the shoot date.

No need for paper chits - we offer a free chit-less service.

We understand the important of GDPR complaint systems and we can assure productions our system is GDPR compliant and security checked against hackers.


Casting Calls Extravaganza - Elevate your casting process with our dynamic casting calls and auditions, ensuring we find the right blend of talent to complement your production.


GBM Casting use a variety of ways to source who you are looking for: street casting, pop up casting in local areas and our contacts with a wide network of communities and activity groups.

For example:

  • HBO Succession saw us pop up in Dundee to cast local people for Logans 80th Birthday party scene filmed at the V&A.
  • BBC Peaky Blinder saw us pop up in Portsoy to cast local people for Season 6


Style Perfection - From wardrobe to makeup, we ensure every background actor is styled to perfection, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your project.

We meet everyone who registers with us as a way of quality control and ensure they people look like their photos. This also provides us with an opportunity to explain the standards needed to be an excellent SA and reinforce it is a professional role not a “bit of fun!”

We ensure everyone booked is well informed on what is needed and that they look like their look book photo so there are no surprises or pink hair and nails!


Network Power - Our well-established connections with talent agencies and industry professionals ensure a diverse pool of background actors for every scene.

Our credits talk for themselves as does our reputation and over 20 years of success.


Script Sensibility - Our agents are script-savvy can decode every line to pinpoint the perfect background energy for your scenes.

GBM Casting Team are more than happy to attend production meetings and work closely with crew to ensure they understand what the plot and the Directors vision.


On-Set Brilliance - Our agents shine on set, managing background actors with precision, keeping the energy high, and ensuring everyone plays their part seamlessly.

For Example - GBM Casting was on set for the 4 night shoot in Dundee for the HBO Succession shoot.


Budget-Friendly Brilliance - Watch your budget go further with our efficient background casting that maximises impact without breaking the bank.



Make filming in Scotland easy with our Background Casting expertise.


GBM Casting would love to hear from you.

Graeme Miller

Founder and Director.