In the film and TV production industry no matter how big the budget, every penny counts.

Centtrip helps UK and international production companies reduce costs, maximise their resources and manage their expenses more efficiently via its multi-currency platform, app and prepaid card.

Use our hedging options such as forward contracts to lock in an exchange rate in your preferred currency for up to two years and mitigate the currency risk between agreeing your budget and the time of the shoot. Achieve market-leading rates on your foreign exchange transactions and reduce your international payment fees when sending funds abroad.

While on location, your team can go cashless with the Centtrip Global Production Card, which allows you to hold up to £350,000 in any of 15 available currencies. And keep on top of your production costs by tracking your crew expenditure 24/7 in real time either on the Centtrip web platform or the Centtrip award-winning app when on the move.

Centtrip is a natural extension of your team, with dedicated account managers and treasury consultants on hand for day-to-day support.

This is what Centtrip’s clients say about us:

“Cash is the bane of any accountant’s life. With Centtrip the combination of saving time and actually facilitating the shoot better by not having cash has really struck home with me. I would now insist on using Centtrip on every production.” Gareth Jones, independent financial controller and production accountant. Free Fire, This is England, The Day Shall Come.

“Centtrip has changed the game in the music industry and is now doing the same in film. The financial savings and expert insight have put significant funds back onto our production.” Bill Curbishley, producer. Quadrophenia, The Railway Man.