The Production Guild introduces 14 new members

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Fri 6th Jul 2018

The Production Guild is delighted to welcome 14 new members from the latest round of membership applications. 5 current members have also successfully upgraded or transferred their membership to new grades.

The applications which have all now been approved by the Membership Committee and ratified by the PG Board see a range of new members joining the Guild from production, accounts and the AD department within Full and Supplementary membership categories:

Full applications

Stuart Ewen - Assistant Production Coordinator
Julie Heskin - 1st Assistant Director
Elfyn Wyn Jones - Production Accountant
Wim Mensah-Larbie - Line Producer
Paul Munn - Line Producer
Mick Panteleo - 1st AD
Jakub Malar - Assistant Accountant
Julian Scott - Executive Producer

Approved permanently employed applications

Joseph Yeo – Hypezero

Approved supplementary applications

Lisa Hanley - accounts
Natalie Jane Eastment - accounts
Sandy Reinhardt - production
Simone Tomasi - production
Dulcie Kellett - production

Approved applications to upgrade from supplementary to full membership

Andy New - Assistant Accountant
Ben Kozel - Assistant Production Co-ordinator
Amaka Ugwunkwo - Production Manager

Approved applications to upgrade in full membership

Siliva Felce - Production Coordinator
Imogen Gay - Production Manager