Wed 24th Jun 2020 11:30am

In the first of a series of masterclasses, we'll explore how new Virtual Production technologies can make some of the traditional production activities safer for everyone in our COVID world. 

We invite you to join The Third Floor CTO Eric Carney for his masterclass - Virtual Location & Set Scouting on:

Wednesday 24th June
Online Zoom session

In this session, Eric Carney from The Third Floor will tell you about the world of possibilities using Virtual Location & Set Scouting. Virtual Scouting can be used to visit remote locations and to explore sets before they are built. Eric will lead you through a world of different options to solve different challenges.

Topics covered will include:

Differences between Virtual Location Scouting and Virtual Set Scouting

• Possibilities and features of Virtual Scouting

• Different options to view the Virtual World from VR, App, Web, and Phone

• Understanding what's involved in setting up

• Additional Off-the-shelf tools.

Eric Carney is a three-time Emmy Award-winning VFX Supervisor for Game of Thrones and one of the Co-Founders of The Third Floor previs studio and is responsible for the direction and strategy of all the Technology. Eric is a passionate advocate for the value of virtual production and has worked to make these tools available to everyone on a production.

This is a PGGB members and industry partners only event.

PGGB members and partners have been emailed the details.

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