Thu 30th Jul 2020 11am

The successful restart of production work is dependent on the industry navigating the practicalities and many legal challenges posed by a post lockdown work environment.

In this session, Seth Roe, Melissa Frost, Patrick Rennie and Ceri Stoner from Wiggin LLP will talk you through some of the key legal issues that productions will need to be on top of whilst Covid-19 remains a threat on:

Thursday 30th July
11am - 12pm
Via Zoom

Topics covered include:

  • Coming back from furlough
  • Contractual changes we’d recommend post lockdown;
  • IR35 Assessments – Impact of Covid-19
  • Risk assessments and new policies;
  • Sick pay considerations
  • Data protection considerations with new policies (temp checking, testing etc)

Members and partners have been emailed the details. 

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