PGGB Innovation Award for Special Contribution to the Industry

Winner: Jurassic World: Dominion production team

Winner: Jurassic World: Dominion production team

The first major studio feature to get back underway in the UK after government gave the greenlight to restart production, Jurassic World: Dominion’s crew included 27 PGGB members* including Alexandra Derbyshire (Executive Producer), Tim Wellspring (Unit Production Manager), Simon Mills (Production Supervisor), Tom Ormerod (Production Coordinator), Winston Azzopardi (Line Producer - Malta), Matt Jones (Unit Production Manager - Malta), Tom Asquith (Covid Manager), Camilla Stephenson (Supervising Location Manager) and Jon Duncan (Financial Controller). After production halted on 14th March, the team researched and devised a host of complex safety protocols, ranging from temperature testing, Covid-testing and PPE, to sanitation, fogging and perspex screen use. Consulting with studios, unions, Guilds and industry bodies including the British Film Commission, they produced a 119-page document outlining how to proceed safely during the pandemic which was approved by Universal. By early June, the production team were back at Pinewood Studios, and less than a month later on 6th July, filming recommenced with a 1,000-strong workforce including cast, crew, construction and craft departments. A second unit also overcame restrictions to travel to Malta. The blockbuster wrapped filming on 7th November after a multinational shoot which required a total of 40,000 Covid tests and cast bubbling together for four months.

PGGB members and graduates:

  • Tom Asquith, Covid Manager
  • Winston Azzopardi, Line Producer (Malta)
  • Louisa Brammer, Accounts Trainee
  • Alexandra Derbyshire, Executive Producer
  • Jon Duncan, Financial Controller
  • Simone Dutreux, 1st Assistant Accountant
  • Kimberley Franklin, 1st Assistant Accountant (2nd Unit - Prep)
  • Jordan Garland, 1st Assistant Accountant
  • Natalie Harrower - Construction Accountant
  • Zoheb Hassan, Payroll Accountant
  • Matt Jones, Unit Production Manager (Malta)
  • Pia Kaiser, Production Assistant
  • Viketa Kamdar, AP Accountant
  • Alex Kerr, Location Accountant
  • Judd Lewin, Production Accountant
  • Nathan Luff, AP Accountant
  • Felicity Lyme, Assistant Accountant
  • Holly Mann, Travel Assistant
  • Simon Mills, Production Supervisor
  • Peter Mintram, Assistant Payroll Accountant
  • Tilly O'Hara, Payroll Supervisor
  • Tom Ormerod, Production Co-ordinator
  • Tom Reed, Payroll Accountant
  • Stella Scott, Assets Co-ordinator
  • Satu Sharp, Assistant Accountant
  • Sairh Sheikh, Payroll Accountant
  • Camilla Stephenson, Supervising Location Manager
  • Tim Wellspring, Unit Production Manager

Samantha Perahia MBE, Head of Production UK, British Film Commission says: “The Jurassic World: Dominion team were genuine trailblazers. The worldwide production community was watching as theoretical COVID-19 protocols were put into action. Their real-time experiences were invaluable in helping inform and refine industry Covid-Safety guidance. Their work paved the way for other major features and the team fully deserves this special recognition.”

Unit Production Manager Tim Wellspring says: "We're delighted to win this award, which we accept on behalf of the entire Jurassic World: Dominion cast and crew. Everyone pulled together and contributed in every single way, the whole team was required to constantly learn and adapt. Everyone wore masks and put up with being tested three times a week, it was tough! Socially distancing on set when you’re not used to doing it is difficult, so all credit goes to the entire crew, they really did pull this off. Huge thanks also to Donna Langley and everyone at Universal who backed us all the way.”

Special mention: The Pursuit of Love (Open Book and Moonage Pictures for BBC One and Amazon Studios)

A special mention in the PGGB Innovation Special Contribution to the Industry category is also made for The Pursuit of Love (Open Book and Moonage Pictures for BBC One and Amazon Studios). The Pursuit of Love production team overcame a raft of challenges to become one of the first High-End TV projects to resume production in the UK after lockdown, including deciphering early sanitary protocols, coordinating location shifts and holding on to in-demand talent. Filming for the three-part mini-series successfully restarted in July on location in the Bristol and Bath area and at The Bottle Yard Studios, before wrapping in October.

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