PGGB Innovation Award for an Individual, sponsored by Netflix

Winner: Andy Hudson, Film Laboratory Manager at Cinelab London

Winner: Andy Hudson, Film Laboratory Manager at Cinelab London

Known as a ‘Film Superhero’ by his team, Andy ensured the Laboratory could stay open despite almost all of its 28 employees having to work from home when lockdown hit. Drawing on his 25 years’ experience in the film industry, Andy took on all of the physical film lab and scanning work that could not be done remotely, continuing to deliver a high quality service which led to the company receiving hundreds of additional projects from clients around the world. Bringing a host of talents to the table, Andy implemented new working guidelines, whilst rostering work and also keeping staff updated and personally checking in on vulnerable team members at home.

Jury Chair, Producer Jo Burn says: “Andy went above and beyond, demonstrating extreme dedication and selflessness in keeping the laboratory running virtually single-handedly, whilst keeping a positive attitude and finding solutions. Delivery of rushes plays a pivotal role in the filmmaking process and Andy’s work helped keep this vital stage moving. On top of this, he personally checked in on colleagues to check on their wellbeing. Well done Andy, you thoroughly deserve this award.”

Andy Hudson says: “We knew it was going to be tough. Productions had ceased, there was no work coming through the door. It meant going back to my roots to get more involved in the processing side, working in the dark room, chemical mixing, admin, despatching, anything to get the rushes through the Lab. As the weeks went by, the workload picked up, work being sent to us from around the world, and we’re now back to full strength. This award is a great recognition. A big thanks to everyone that works at the Lab, this is for all of us.”

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